Photos from the movie Twice a Woman

Original title: 2 fois une femme (French)TWICE A WOMAN is the story of Catherine, who, after her violent husband puts her life in serious danger one night, decides to run away with her son and start a new life under a fresh identity. From the strait-laced suburbs, she travels to backwoods northern Quebec. From fear, she moves through confidence to hope. Catherine, now Sophie, untangles the complex web of identity and desire that make up the life of a single woman, marginalized and learning to embrace life. During her painful transition, the mother, hoping to regain the affection of her damaged son, does everything she can to avoid a tragic outcome. She will have to dig her heels in and fight with strength and dignity. It's a battle, a war she needs to win.
Évelyne Rompré
Étienne Laforge
Marc Béland
David Boutin
Michelle Rossignol
Marie Brassard
Alexandre Goyette
Catherine De Léan
Brigitte Pogonat

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