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    Gringos in the Garbage

    Gringos in the Garbage

    Documentary by Warren FitzGerald & Jess Rothenburger.
    1st week · 1h32m
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    Today (May 28)  10:30am

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    This is the only screening.

    The Little Prince

    The Little Prince

    Animation with voices of Jeff Bridges & Rachel McAdams.
    1st week · 1h46m
    '' Incredible. So much more than I had expected. The animation and the voices were masterful:...

    Today (May 28)  2:00

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    This is the only screening.

    The Boy and the Beast

    The Boy and the Beast

    ("Bakemono no ko" in Japanese) Animation with voices of Kumiko Asô & Rirî Furankî
    1st week · 1h59m
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    Today (May 28)  4:15

    Sun (May 29)  7:00
    Wed (Jun 1)  9:00

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    Sci-fi thriller with Tom Hiddleston & Jeremy Irons.
    1st week · 1h59m
    '' This is a movie not many people will enjoy, but if you're like me and like symbolic movies like...

    Today (May 28)  9:15

    Sun (May 29)  2:00, 9:30
    Mon (May 30)  9:30
    Tue (May 31)  7:00
    Thu (Jun 2)  9:00

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    Wait Until Dark

    Wait Until Dark

    Dramatic thriller with Audrey Hepburn & Alan Arkin.
    '' If you find this film slow, there must be something just a bit wrong with you...

    Today (May 28)  7:00

    Sun (May 29)  4:30
    Tue (May 31)  9:30

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    This is the last screening.

    * Movie showtimes and ticket prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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