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29.10.2014 ·

Justin Thorsteinson

I loved the idea. They could have done so much more with it. I'll probably sit thru the sequel too. I wanted to just smack the […] out of the main guy's family. Brings the meaning of stupid person to a whole new realm. Bottom line I'm glad I rented it.

5/10saskheat@ - 133 reviews
13.7.2014 - age: 36-49

28.10.2014 ·

Bob Pitcher

Good flick! Action, story, awesome effects, great actors, and an engaging story. All the things I need to crush a large popcorn. Really liked the performance by the new Magneto. That guy nailed it. Also had a few good strategic laughs tossed in there that brought it all together. There’s also a “after credit” scene, which is the standard these days I guess, so stick around if interested. Be advised, it's at the end of ALL the credits. Gross.

8/10rob_ontario18@ - 123 reviews
2.6.2014 - age: 36-49

25.10.2014 ·

Rod Wareham

I wasn't expecting much from this movie and I got exactly what I expected. The plot was ridiculous. I have to say though that the young actors in the movie did a terrific job with the little they had to work with. If the acting was not as good as it was I would given this turkey a 3/10.

6/10rodneywareham@ - 214 reviews
24.10.2014 - age: 36-49

24.10.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

It was an awesome movie, I cried a lot and I'm a kid, I think everyone should go see this movie.

10/10lolxoxo1213@ - first review
4.7.2014 - age: 1-12

22.10.2014 ·

Mike Whalen

Very charming comedy with a fun group of characters. A story about true friendship and a unique way to cash a winning lottery ticket. A great cast with two funny old farts leading the way.

7/10mwhal@ - 189 reviews
20.10.2014 - age: 50+

21.10.2014 ·


I think it was great but it could have been a lot better. The documentary approach is good but nobody revealed much of what was achieved. Maybe they achieved something but they did not feel like sharing it. The actual trek seems challenging, I found that the inner work of the participants was not revealed. Some of my friends believe that people only realize that the changes they went through only become apparent when they go back to their lives. Maybe, that's the missing part of this film. Still worth the see.

7/10ewert-andre@ - 44 reviews
29.9.2014 - age: 50+

18.10.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

Good movie, enjoyable. 3D still not worth the extra $ but well done. Good story even if it negates the previous X-Men titles. Good acting, enjoyed seeing so many X-Men past and present. Very short preview at end of credits if you want to wait for it. Won't buy but will rent in future.

7/10stan.kopp@ - 129 reviews
24.5.2014 - age: 50+

17.10.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

Amazing true life story told with all the drama and humor it deserves by an exceptional cast! A must see, must own!

9/10lstgermain@ - first review
27.8.2014 - age: 50+

15.10.2014 ·

David Anderson

This movie is good... great performances and action and effects. However you pretty much have to be a fan of the previous X-Men movies to understand the personalities and relationships. It's not as good a stand-alone as either the Wolverine movie or Captain America.

7/10dtander@ - 153 reviews
24.5.2014 - age: 50+

11.10.2014 ·

Mel Brown

In David Cronenberg's strange world, science fiction is far more fiction than science. The main character's ability to morph into a killing machine in the sleaziest manner just wasn't impressive. Debbie Harry's role was less than I was expecting, and I really felt that James Woods was attempting to impress the movie industry in a style that belonged to Tom Cruise. A horror film for people who like horror films.

6/10m.j.brown@ - 316 reviews
25.11.2013 - age: 50+

10.10.2014 ·

Kenny Rogers

Best racing movie I've seen in a long time. Anyone who says this movie is not worthy of a ten star rating should have their rear end removed.

10/10kennyrogersemail@ - first review
23.3.2014 - age: 26-35

8.10.2014 ·

John Lovell

Coogan and Brydon are very good together... they play off each other throughout the film. Great scenery, interesting food and hotels... many laughs... it's a fun road trip. Enjoyable.

7/10jlovell@ - 13 reviews
18.8.2014 - age: 50+

7.10.2014 ·

Impi Sood

4.10.2014 ·


Not much originality here, the year 1973 was the same year President Salvador Allende in Santiago, Chile was assassinated by foreign Jets that bombarded the Presidential Palace and nobody could save him. It is reminiscent of "Back to the Future". Unfortunately the whole plot is given away at the start. So we follow the Plan set forth by the X-Men: Days of Future Past to change the course of History in a non novel fashion. The rest is Special Effects, futuristic landscapes and Heroes. Mostly eye candy and an attractive mutant, Mystic/Raven played by the new teen Queen Jennifer Lawrence. Very original transformation of the protagonist of better thrillers in the Sci-F genre like The Hunger Games. X-Men: Days of Future Past is a total bore and absolutely predictable.

5/10blackcat401@ - 59 reviews
16.8.2014 - age: 36-49

3.10.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

Wonderful story line with amazing cars. Breathtaking car chase scenes and a beautiful ending.

10/10kiyah86@ - first review
1.4.2014 - age: 36-49

1.10.2014 ·

Adam Foidart

[ATTENTION: This review reveals content of the movie.]
I’m not going to pretend that “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is a good movie but I’m glad I saw it on the big screen, in 3-D. It’s dumb, loud and way too long. On the other hand, it also contains a scene where Michael Bay and writer Ehren Kruger prove that they’ve lost their god-damned minds and have Optimus Prime riding into battle on a fire-breathing mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex. Before we get too much into the positive and negative aspects of the film, let me tell you what it’s about. The film is set 5 years after the events of “Dark of the Moon”. Megatron is dead, Starscream is dead, Ironhide is dead, the majority of Chicago is dead. Everyone is dead! Well, not everyone. The United States Government, outraged by the attack on Chicago has dissolved their peace treaty with the Autobots. Now, any lone Autobots remaining on Earth and any still-living Decepticons are being hunted down. Our main character is Cade Yeager (Mark Whalberg) He’s a down-on-his luck inventor that stumbles upon an old, beaten-up cab-over truck... which turns out to be Optimus Prime himself (voiced by Peter Cullen) Cade knows he should turn in the Transformer for a huge reward from the government, but he sympathizes with the alien. Next thing you know, Cade, his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) and Optimus Prime are on the run. It turns out that the Transformers are being hunted down, but not to protect the citizens of Earth. Scientists are after the metal they are made of in order to create their own army of super advanced, shape-changing robots. Our heroes will have to join up with the rag-tag surviving transformers and find a way to clear their name by exposing the actions of the film’s main baddie, Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) If that wasn’t difficult enough, he’s allied with a ruthless transformer named Lockdown (voiced by Mark Ryan) He’s an intergalactic bounty hunter with a particular grudge against the Autobot leader. Oh, and we’ve got some robotic Dinosaurs thrown in there too, the Dinobots! I’m just going to start by naming the bad elements in this film. Despite everything I’m going to list however, I want to remind you that I’m actually glad that I saw this fourth instalment and while I acknowledge that it’s probably the dumbest action movie I will see all year (and I pray that’s the case), there’s some fun to be had with “Dawn of Extinction”. Even as a Transformers film, this movie seems at certain points to make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I don’t care what anyone says, it is more obvious than ever before that there is no clear plan for these films, and certainly no “Bible” that the people in charge can refer themselves to because with every new story, developments contradict each other every time we explore the Transformers’ past. In this case, information we get about these aliens is inconsistent from scene to scene. The most obvious example is a quick explanation we get of how a Transformer’s memories are stored. Apparently, they are stored within the head of the robots. We are also told however, that the personalities of the Transformers are stored within their sparks, the thing that differentiates them from random machines built by humans, and that is located within their chests (as was established in the first two films) As we learn more about the army of robots being created by the villains, you will see that only one of these revelations turn out to be true, or at least is true within this story. It might also dawn on you, while you’re watching this chapter (if you’ve been paying any attention with these films) that the Allspark, that cube everyone was running after in the first movie way way back in 2007 was what created all life in Cybertron. How is it possible, then, that the Transformers have been created by another alien race, if the cube existed before time itself? Maybe that’s a technical detail, nowhere near the biggest problem, but it demonstrates that there is no grand vision or overarching story at work here, just one chapter after another until the people will stop coming to the theatre. Anyway, let’s move on. The biggest problem with the movie is that it’s impossible to get emotionally attached to the characters at this point. Every film introduces new batches of heroes for us to care for and endless ranks of flat, nameless villains for them to annihilate. Sure we get Bumblebee back, but there must be dozens of characters that have appeared in the previous films that are never mentioned and do not appear in this film. You might say that this is because the Autobots have been hunted down to extinction, but if that’s the case, why do all of the Autobots that join Optimus (save for Bumblebee) turn out to be new characters we’ve never heard of before? It’s not like we are re-introduced some Cybertronian that had a small role in the previous movie with a new body; it’s a slew of brand new characters. You don’t know who Drift, Crosshairs or Hound are they’re just there to sell toys. That explains why the villains get so little characterization as well. Heroes sell better than bad guy toys so the Autobots get all of the character development (well, not really but in theory they do) and the villains get none at all. Each evil robot in this film is basically the exact same character except that he looks different. Yes I realize that there are two exceptions, but for the most part, every bad guy is a drone, simply there to be killed in increasingly ridiculous ways by the heroes. The action sequences end up meaning nothing at all because the villains are in no way a threat. It’s a huge missed opportunity because with each film we waste time introducing new allies for Optimus Prime and new villains for them to fight and kill, and it is never as obvious or crippling as it is in this movie because at this point, every character you might have been attached to from the original film are all gone. Instead, we get new heroes who only get the tiniest bit of character development, just enough to make them easily identifiable so you can pretend to yourself that you’re relieved when they don’t end up getting shot in the face. Even then, shortcuts like accents and catch phrases are used in all instances so that you can identify who is who. Another way you can tell this is a brainless action movie is that none of the action done by any of the characters has any real impact on the story whatsoever. The setup of this film is that the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons got so bad in the previous film that the entire city of Chicago was whipped out and the humans have said ENOUGH! You would think, therefore, that the Autobots would take real care to create as little collateral damage as possible. Not at all. There are scenes where the Autobots are having aerial battles and they casually shoot enemy ships out of the sky. Those ships, even though it’s off-screen, would end up crashing down below into buildings and probably end up killing tons of people. It moves quickly and it’s big and flashy though, so no one put more than a second’s worth of thought into it. Another scene that struck me as one in which the people putting this film together really didn’t think things through was later in the film, when the Autobots are infiltrating Lockdown’s ship. They see that Lockdown has captured all kinds of creatures, many of which are alien and some of which are Transformers, just like our heroes. You can probably theorize that none of these creatures are here willingly, since Lockdown has gone this whole film shooting down anyone in his path and generally not being a terribly nice guy. Anyway, Tessa passes by a cage and a weird multi-legged creature spits at her. An Autobot retaliates by shooting the thing and reducing it to a pile of goopy hamburger. Just think about that scene for a second. That creature was there unwillingly. How do the Autobots, who are supposed to be our heroes, know it wasn’t just crying for help, begging them to return it to its home world so it could feed its sick children? I guess if it doesn’t speak English, then it must be evil. Blow it up! Even from a character design point, it feels like the film is missing something. If you look at the robots as they were introduced in 2007 and on, they just seem to get progressively less interesting. Transformers used to come in all kinds of sizes. We had some that were shorter than people and some that were able to pick up cars and casually throw them over their shoulders like it was nothing. We had some that looked humanoid, some that looked like animals. They had one eye, four eyes, two eyes; characters had no mouths, multiple legs, wheels for legs or even a single leg they hopped around on. We had robots that really looked like alien robots because their proportions were not like human being’s at all. They turned into alien spaceships, jets, helicopters, tanks, motorcycles, human beings, insects, we even had a robot that was nearly invisible because it was a 2-dimensional dinosaur you could only see from the side and another that was so huge it transformed into a dozen vehicles that assembled themselves to build a mechanical giant. In “Age of Extinction”, each character is colour-coded differently, but they’re all basically the same. They all just look like robotic people. They have clothing, facial hair, two arms, two legs and basic human proportions. All I see here are mechanical people running around shooting at each other, not a race of advanced alien robots from a distant galaxy. It’s like these films don’t even fit in the same continuity because what you would expect to be consistent from one film to another, the Transformers don’t look anything like the ones from the first two films. For all of the faults in this film, this one does take some steps in the right direction. With the main female lead being under-aged, gone is the overabundant sexualisation that was constantly present with Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Gone also, for the most part, is the parade of comic-relief buffoons that you just wanted to see die. It’s not completely devoid of comedy, but the film is a lot more geared towards the action and, well “story” than it is the comedy. The human characters overall are also a vast improvement over the ones in the previous film. Here, they actually feel integral to the plot and relevant to the action. It’s a lot easier to care for a down-on-his luck inventor that is also a single dad and sympathetic towards Optimus Prime than it is to care about a bumbling young adult with a smokin’ hot girlfriend looking for a job (see “Dark of the Moon”) There are also some nice variations in the locations of the film, with some flashbacks to prehistoric times, the action travelling from the United States to China and some key scenes in the movie set inside of Lockdown’s ship. As usual, the special effects here are very good as well. Say what you will about this franchise, but it delivers when it comes to the spectacle and making the Transformers look very nice on-screen. It’s particularly impressive when Grimlock and the other Dinobots come into the film towards the end of the story. It’s hard to tell if they really are in the film that much, since the whole thing lasts nearly, if not more than two-and-a-half hours, but they’re easily the most memorable aspect of the film. If you struggled with being able to differentiate who was who in the fast-paced action scenes, you will also find that they are much more coherent than before, and if you see the movie in 3-D, the aerial dogfights and battle sequences offer a lot in terms of depth and moments that will make you jump. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is a polarizing film for me. It’s not really good, but I recommend it anyway. Not in an ironic way either, more of a recommendation with an asterisk. If you are interested in this film because you’ve seen the other movies and you thought they were genuinely good, or you just enjoyed them because sometimes you just like seeing shiny special effects jump around and stuff blow up, then you should see it on the big screen. If you’ve seen “Revenge of the Fallen” and “Dark of the Moon” and you thought they were flat-out bad and you didn’t like them, but you think that maybe this film will be a step in the right direction, you would be correct, but I still wouldn’t recommend you see it because it’s not that much of an improvement overall. The main reason for my asterisk here is that the movie is just so long. If a movie is big, loud and dumb but it features cool special effects and it clocks in at just an hour and a half, that’s not too much of a commitment, but at this length, there is simply no reason why this film has to be this bad. Once again, it’s faint praise but I was glad to have seen “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction”, even if it is a weak film. (Theatrical version on the big screen, July 19, 2014)

5/10squirrel_burst@ - 70 reviews
30.9.2014 - age: 26-35

30.9.2014 ·

Luc Laflamme

This sequel is incredible. I'm a fan of the books and the first film, but this one blew me away. It was entertaining, emotional, action packed, and a lot of fun to watch. A must see in theatres if you are a fan of the books and first film.

9/10llme09@ - 81 reviews
26.11.2013 - age: 26-35

27.9.2014 ·

Chris Connell

One of Denzel's best! A great movie, the story is set up well with a little bit of a slow start, but it only makes the movie better as a whole. If you enjoyed Training Day or Man on Fire, GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!

9/10conju30@ - 14 reviews
27.9.2014 - age: 26-35

26.9.2014 ·

Ken Van Der Laan

Pretty predictable presentation entirely from the Allies' point of view. Not too much new stuff that hasn't been presented before. Glad I had a free pass to see it. Of course, great to see Normandy on the really big screen. Someday, but probably impossible, it would be at least interesting to see WW II from the losers' perspective, but, was it Plutarch... ?

6/10kencrab@ - 3 reviews
25.9.2014 - age: 50+

24.9.2014 ·

Sheldon Jones

Not a bad thriller. Good acting by Brosnan and co, felt like a poor man's Bourne film. Not worth a trip to the cinema but definitely a DVD watch. Pierce can still move well for an aging Bond type.

6/10shelly@ - 13 reviews
23.9.2014 - age: 36-49

23.9.2014 ·


Viewers will recognize this movie as being along the same lines as 'The Hunger Games', complete with plans for a sequel, albeit with slightly different premises. Moviegoers will be dropped into the story not knowing why our hero is there, and they will spend the rest of the movie figuring that out. The film is also redolent of 'Lord of the Flies' with post-pubescent guys running around with pointy sticks. The characters are acted well enough, and the effects of the maze are quite satisfying, but the plot lacks originality.

6/10cjuneau@ - 76 reviews
21.9.2014 - age: 50+

20.9.2014 ·

Tess Routliffe

I went into this with the same excitement I felt watching the first Sin City and was not disappointed. This is a thoroughly enjoyable adaptation of the graphic novel and remains true to the style of the first movie. A super fun ride for the Sin City fan.

8/10tessroutliffe@ - 14 reviews
18.9.2014 - age: 18-25

19.9.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

The capability to access faith in God comes from I believe the main point shown is an individual's inherent makeup in that we are each able to think, choose, discuss, grow. A wonderful friend recently reminded me God's love is so vast for each of us that he allows us this freedom to consider and choose, and grow in understanding, freedom to even reject him and his ways. How exceedingly dangerous can one be?

9/10kwhale53@ - first review
17.4.2014 - age: 50+

17.9.2014 ·

Carol Clarke

Aw, Idris baby, why'd you do it man? You're an A list actor and this is a sub-B movie. They must have paid you a lot of dosh to make something this flat and predictable. You are worthy of so much more than this. And they didn't even light you well, even if you were the bad guy. Don't put this one on your resume, sweetheart.

5/10hands4hearts@ - 15 reviews
16.9.2014 - age: 50+

12.9.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

Love the old songs one can understand the lyrics. Acting was superb, music fantastic, only problem too short.

10/10larryfigura@ - first review
18.7.2014 - age: 50+

9.9.2014 ·

Paul Maguire

All movies ask the viewer to suspend disbelief. But Pacific Rim abuses that entreaty by offering such ridiculous offal that no person with intelligence beyond the average young child's could possibly get through this without several shakes of the head. Other than one of the most ludicrous plots in cinema history, the movie is OK. Acting is at an expected level for this sort of oeuvre (but bad nerds) Production values are high enough. Action is good enough. And a nice throwback to the genre's origins is shown with the creature animation. I did watch to the end, though. But the plot? Seriously, if the lava flows don't melt it, the rocket's red glare won't either.

3/10spoxox@ - 31 reviews
6.9.2014 - age: 50+

6.9.2014 ·

Janice Ashlie

A NICE movie. Formulaic. Predictable. Sweet. Very handsome young male lead. Etc., etc... Not riveting for me; found my attention wandering as I could predict (accurately as it turned out) the end. Not a complete waste of time though as nice, sweet movies can be enjoyable too, on occasion!

6/10j_ashlie@ - 27 reviews
4.9.2014 - age: 50+

5.9.2014 ·

Brandi Puckett

This is a movie I would (and did) see with family. It's hard-hitting and heart-felt, with very distinctive characters and wonderful morals and story line. I took my husband and he loved it, then took my sister (husband said it was just because I wanted to see it twice; I told him it was also a good excuse to see my sister) and she loved it, AND we told my husband's grandparents about it and THEY saw it and loved it. They came back and he was rubbing his arm because she bruised it with her enthusiasm, but they both loved it despite the age difference between us and even though we don't like the same things most of the time. I tried to send my dad to see it, as I know he'd like it, my mom would probably like it, my grandparents would love it, and I've been recommending it to people at work as well. This movie is based on real events, the people who came together and made the movie all had things in common and some of that shows on screen, and... This is a movie I will buy. Not might, WILL. And probably will buy other copies for other relatives so they can enjoy it, too. Because this movie is too good not to share.

10/10wolf.kin.flight@ - first review
29.8.2014 - age: 18-25

3.9.2014 ·

Chester Barzal

From the demented mind of Frank Miller, this stylized, no-holds-barred, sex and violence-soaked film is a worthy follow-up to the original classic. Eva Green steals every scene she is in, in her portrayal as the sultry, evil seductress. The 3D effects are powerfully rendered, even though this is hard to achieve with a mostly black & white movie which, in my opinion, is the best motion picture released so far this year.

10/10chester1958@ - 27 reviews
22.8.2014 - age: 50+

2.9.2014 ·

Victor Savard

This old man also enjoyed watching some of my old fabulous actors but I especially enjoyed seeing Mel Gibson at his best being a villain and/or should I say a bad guy of America... I hear YA folks, Mel was not playing a Brave Heart but then again, that part was also no passion of well YA know WHO?.. Go figure? I'm sure that his fans will forgive him for the part that he took after going through a 250 Mill die voice bill... Come on fans, look at the bright side, not every country loves America these days... WHAT! WHAT! WHAT? LOL :) Peace.

8/10victorsavard@ - 28 reviews
30.8.2014 - age: 50+

30.8.2014 ·

Grace Subido

I loved TMNT as a child... And I still love them now! Story could have been a little cleaner. Disappointed that the writers did not do justice to April's character nor to Splinter's. You just can't learn to be Asian by reading a book! Graphics were great and filled with non stop action but what I would have enjoyed is to have spent MORE time getting reacquainted with each turtle! Everything just seemed so rushed! However even with all its shortcomings I'll still be buying this movie for collection. Last note, I love that they showcased Mikey on his skateboard going through the sewer!!

8/10threestarssun@ - 26 reviews
13.8.2014 - age: 26-35

29.8.2014 ·

Deborah SilverKnight

If I could give this movie a 10+, I would, so a BIG Fat 10 for this wonderful movie! I went to every James Brown concert as a teenager growing up in the New York area! I feel blessed to have experienced the magic of being there! What an incredible Music, Genius and Complex person, Mr. James Brown was and will always be! His band set the stage on FIRE! I continued to attend his concerts right up to The God Father of Soul's exit to 'The Other Side'. He is happy! Putting my coins together to see this moving important work of High Art again and again!

10/10d_silverknight@ - first review
21.8.2014 - age: 50+

27.8.2014 ·

Marie Josée Godbout

As I saw the original french version, at first, I was a little worried to be disappointed as the original version was such a masterpiece of finesse and "humor à la française" with the greatest Quebec cast of actors ( Raymond Bouchard (the mayor), Benoît Brière (the banking manager), Rita Lafontaine (the mayor's wife), David Boutin ( the doctor), Pierre Collin ( the mayor's best friend), Lucie Laurier ( the young doctor's flirt) But this time, the story is taking place in a little harbor in Newfoundland. As in the original version, the photography well captures the beauty of the landscapes of the coast of NF. Further on, we are laughing all along as the story developed. I did not know most of the cast except the great Gordon Pinsent. His character is hilarious and credible as this old fisherman and the mayor's complice. And as a big fan of "This Hour has 22 minutes", I rediscovered Mark Critch, Mary Wlash and Cathy Jones who are hilarious too and well casted in their role. Finally I discovered Brendan Gleeson and Taylor Kitsch whose relationship in the film is the pillar of the whole story.

7/10marie_josee456@ - 22 reviews
1.6.2014 - age: 50+

22.8.2014 ·

Dale Marshall

A moving story about self discovery a major life choice. It is set in gloomy, probably Communist Poland. Ida is an emotional story of a young, innocent woman. She learns from her aunt who she is and why she grew up in a convent. She experiences life outside the convent and has to decide if she wants to become a nun.

7/10daylekarsha55@ - first review
16.8.2014 - age: 50+

19.8.2014 ·

David Mariez

16.8.2014 ·

Jeff Krman

I would have given it a 1, but I wasn't sure if it was the worst movie I ever saw, so I gave it a 2. The only reason to see this 3 hour waste of time is if you want to see the concept of a movie that took 12 years to make and physically see the actual aging of the characters in real time and life. Otherwise a complete waste of time.

2/10jeffk29@ - 29 reviews
7.8.2014 - age: 36-49

15.8.2014 ·

Donna Vissing

Loved the music, storyline interesting, good choice of actors including more of Adam Levine. Could do without the foul language - just not necessary.

8/10dvissing@ - first review
4.7.2014 - age: 50+

13.8.2014 ·

Monique Lane

The only reason I don't give this film the lowest possible rating is so that anyone interested in fashion goes to see this and realizes what shallow, witless, uninteresting, unintelligent, and snarky people work in fashion and at Vogue in particular. One would expect those who work in the upper echelons of the style-making industry would be intelligent, witty or even interesting but I have never had to suffer a more shallow, boring, nasty group of individuals on film: they whine and snipe and pose and pout, petulantly believing that the world is failing to recognize what they consider to be their obvious creative genius. Forget it. What talent is evident here (mostly that of stylist Grace Coddington) is overshadowed by their miserable, self-absorbed sense of self-importance. The best thing I can say about this documentary is that it convinced me to never again waste my time or money on an issue of Vogue.

5/10land@ - 21 reviews
7.8.2014 - age: 36-49

12.8.2014 ·

Alexandre Pelletier

It's a pretty good movie. I'm not sure if it's really worth 10/10 but it's a Canadian film which is a good enough reason to go watch it. So just go. Now.

10/10alexandre.pelletier@ - 2 reviews
11.8.2014 - age: 18-25

5.8.2014 ·

Josh Hamilton

I was not expecting much from this movie, and yet I came away extremly disapointed. I thought it might about the adventures of Hercules, but instead they only allude to his trials. What were they thinking. There is so much story in these trials they could be a series of movies, but for some reason they completely dissmiss them and use something new. The script was bad, acting mediocre at best, the plot felt tacked on as a means to get from one fight scene to the next. Never really cared for the rock. I don't really find him to be a good actor, nor do I think he is all the charsmatic or charming. Casting even went out of their way to make everyone sound british... Except the Rock. I found it distracting whenever he said anything. I do not recomend this to anyone.

3/10jarshdarsh@ - 27 reviews
31.7.2014 - age: 26-35

2.8.2014 ·

Brad Chase

Godzilla is a wonderful and thrilling throwback to classic monster movies, like Jaws and Jurassic Park. Yes, you have to actually wait a little while for Godzilla to show up, this isn't a modern, cranked up to 11, action packed explosion-fest. This is a carefully crafted story setting up these monsters so that the finale will be that much more exciting. I personally enjoyed the movie thoroughly and loved having my anticipation built up. The ending is so worth the wait and while the human element isn't the best part of the movie, it rarely is in these kinds of films. It was great that nearly every twist and surprise wasn't revealed in the trailer, so expect some genuine gasps when this movie unfolds. This a great movie for those who enjoy creature features and I highly recommend it.

8/10bradchase@ - 25 reviews
27.5.2014 - age: 26-35

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