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31.1.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

Grieving presents itself in many ways. Seldom it is presented as a long journey into the wilderness or the grieving of a daughter for her mother. Reese Witherspoon chose this script and I think was the right person to tell the story. Good use of flashbacks letting us discover efficiently the underlying story.

7/10jo.lessard@ - 95 reviews
21.12.2014 - age: 50+

30.1.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

Galadriel is one bad*** Elf. Okay, the rest of the movie was great, too. I like this cast of characters, even the villains, and it was fun to finish the journey with them. Most of the FX were stunning (barring an unnecessary echo of Dune)

8/10morgensweg1@ - 6 reviews
16.1.2015 - age: 50+

28.1.2015 ·

Dan Sparks

What's not to like? Beautiful from both sight and sound. Another wonderful film from a very talented director. Can't wait for the next Bryan Singer triumph.

9/10elmontsparks@ - 129 reviews
16.7.2014 - age: 50+

27.1.2015 ·

Angus Stewart

I get the movie... alien in human body trying to fit in. Unfortunately the script was boring and the movie did not go anywhere. I liked the way they left out the typical hollywood gunfights and car chases. But for heaven's sake at least give us a little more information about the aliens and what they are doing on earth. (And how they arrived on earth and when.) You keep waiting for something to happen and then the credits roll and then it is finished.

4/10parttimepainter@ - 167 reviews
13.5.2014 - age: 36-49

24.1.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

I was so disappointed in this movie. I'd pay to watch Kristen Bell darn socks. She makes everything better but this movie never did get going. Even Kristen couldn't save this... and I lay the blame at the feet of the director. Writers shouldn't direct their own movies... full stop. It very rarely ends well. He didn't draw a single good performance out of any characters. They basically mailed in their performances... except for Kriston and the Enrico Colantoni. There were characters that added nothing to the plot, (thin as it was), that just didn't need to exist. It seems fans of the series made so much noise that every character from the series just had too mak an appearance. All that aside, they had James Franco... they should have had him direct. He needs work as a director but he's a lot better than Thomas. Rob... you can't direct... you just can't. If you spent more time on a script, and had someone else direct, you might have had a movie. I'm giving this a 6 because they did the movie on a shoestring budget in about 3 weeks and it did have Kristen. If you're not a fan of the series or haven't seen it... just stay home.

6/10joekanuck@ - 113 reviews
31.3.2014 - age: 50+

23.1.2015 ·

Eric Strain

A younger crowd will not be able to appreciate the message of this movie as they are still gaining their life experiences. The cinematography was magnificent and the emotional ties between characters is very moving. Stiller really surprised me pleasantly in this film.

9/10limoeric@ - 11 reviews
6.1.2014 - age: 36-49

21.1.2015 ·

Fernando Curcione

Please disregard the overall rating that is here. It is totally unfair. The movie is brilliant. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are absolutely brilliant. The pace of the film does not make you feel as if you've been in the theater as long as the movie is. Thank you Martin Scorsese for an amazing movie!

10/10riverdalekid@ - 202 reviews
4.1.2014 - age: 50+

20.1.2015 ·

Glen Morry

Don't see this movie if you have not seen the first movie (and preferably read the books also) - it would not work as a stand-alone. That being said, it was very well done, and quite faithful to the novels. Speaking of which, it had been quite a while since I read the trilogy, and I had forgotten some details, so there was some surprise value in the movie for me! The acting was excellent, as was the CGI / cinematography. I thought they did a wonderful job with Panem, which had the feeling of a cross between ancient Rome and Berlin during the Third Reich. Now I want to go back and reread the third book, which I feel is the most complex of the three, given the focus on politics and rebellion, rather than "just" the hunger games.

8/10gman@ - 42 reviews
26.11.2013 - age: 50+

17.1.2015 ·

Shawn Cruickshank

A refreshing and unique installment to the X-Men series. The story is innovative and engaging. The new adversaries are frightening and powerful. Well-acted and brilliantly orchestrated from beginning to end.

9/10crooker41@ - 195 reviews
2.6.2014 - age: 36-49

16.1.2015 ·

Miki Pryor

Great background story about Stephen Hawking, but mostly about his wife and support system as his health degenerates. Really a love story more than anything else.

9/10mikipryor@ - 11 reviews
12.1.2015 - age: 50+

14.1.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

WOW!!! This is X-Men's Avengers. The first 15 mins is so WOW. After all the other X-Men movies, we finally get amazing graphics. This movie is done well. Michael Fassbender steals the movie. He plays the part perfectly. Trust me, I am a comic reader. His emotions, his mannerisms, he plays it down perfectly. It's a great movie, I was surprised it turned out well for how big the story is in the comics. BUT if I was going to have a negative thing to say, I dont think this movie will be as re watchable as First Class is. First Class will remain my favorite X-Men movie.

9/10no.life1allscared@ - 126 reviews
30.5.2014 - age: 18-25

13.1.2015 ·

Patrick Sterling

This movie would not appeal to the younger audience. (Under 25) It reminded me of the Big Chill as it involved people drawn together due to a death. The difference, as the trailers would indicate, is that the actors in this movie were "family". This dysfunctional group performed well. Bateman does his usual thing as a dry introspective person who has trouble dealing with life. His siblings too have a wide array of issues. If you have adult siblings then you will identify with many of the characters. It is at times intentionally awkward. At times it is humorous, puzzling or sad. But it is an interesting journey with a thread of love woven into the story, throughout. As an aside I would say that you need to keep your eye on the home's exterior landscaping- Truly subtle and remarkable. I am guessing that the "home' is located in New England, and is the result of centuries of work. (Just saying that in case you get bored with the story line.) It is a good night out if you go with a family member. Perhaps you will learn something about yourself in tho flick, which makes it worthwhile. As with life-- not every problem is resolved to your satisfaction...

7/10psterl3384@ - 138 reviews
5.10.2014 - age: 36-49

10.1.2015 ·

Harley Gordon

"The Interview" or much ado about nothing, is another mindless comedy probably fueled by Pot in its conception. Why the North Koreans were offended is beyond me. If you can't take a little harmless lampooning, c'mon it's a comedy, it's not really a threat to anyone with a brain. Seth Rogen is a creative force in Hollywood. His earlier movies with a few exceptions were not bad, they had their moments. The producers of this piece of cinematic crap are now laughing all the way to the bank for all the free advertising they got from North Korea's reaction and the huge kerfuffle that was created when N. Korea cyber attacked Sony. Just another episode of Freaks and Geeks. Better not eat the Bulgoki!!

5/10harley17gordon@ - 212 reviews
7.1.2015 - age: 50+

7.1.2015 ·

Brenda Morton

I give this a 9 strictly for the content/message of the movie. Not an Oscar winner for sure, but I thought the musical score added to what the depth of the script could not. Wait for the Redbox, or cheap Tuesday.

9/10bl.morton@ - 155 reviews
27.8.2014 - age: 50+

6.1.2015 ·

Karen Lam

It was better than I expected especially after reading some of the critic reviews. This is probably the first dramatic film where I see Kate Hudson's talent show in her role. Mandy Patinkin was terrific as the father and good casting on the two kids.

8/10karen_lett@ - 495 reviews
21.7.2014 - age: 36-49

3.1.2015 ·

Patrick Hirsch

I went in with little expectation and was pleasantly surprised. I found the film to be well paced. Some may find it lagged at times but I thought that it helped build the tension. The actors did a good job especially from supporting actress Alfre Woodard who added some credibility to the film. Do not expect to see a film on the level of The Conjuring or Insidious because you may get disappointed as I feel those films raised the bar but this is an enjoyable film and especially with Halloween coming up, it's worth seeing for horror film fans.

7/10phirsch7215@ - 4 reviews
2.10.2014 - age: 36-49

2.1.2015 ·

Andrea Ayala

Amazing hypothesis of going through a black hole in the inconmensurable space arriving to other galaxies. Elementary physics (?) like Newton laws are explained.

9/10asv2777@ - first review
24.12.2014 - age: 50+

31.12.2014 ·


A great movie about a spiritual journey akin to the the trail of St James of Compostella. There is an inner transformation occurring for Cheryl, the hiker but it is so hard to transmit. All that can be transmitted are the hardship of the trail, the little voices in her head, "you can stop anytime", the resolve it took to continue. It shows us that Humans can do anything when we "do the inner work" and set our minds to it. Having Faith probably helps, if not a strong love in something, in some values we cherish. Cheryl's mom was with her on that trail prodding her along. Call it a spirit guide. It's all good. Great movie, great message, great images. The main actress has also come along way since her debut in "Legally Blond". She deserves an Oscar for a very credible solo performance.

8/10andremtl123@ - 7 reviews
22.12.2014 - age: 50+

30.12.2014 ·

Basil Herringbone Iii

Exhausting. That's probably the nicest thing anyone can say about this movie. Effectively the Transformers story reached a resolution in the last film, but so much money is involved that cinema obviously wants to extend its life into the realm of the celluloid undead. When I say that a story has a life, I mean that there are questions unresolved, desires, and anxieties that compel characters to take action. Once that is done, the story is done. There are solutions X-Men and Star Trek for example time travel and retell in alternate universes. Transformers did not discover as effective an idea. And here is the point, without any compelling narrative thrust, without forces that give the characters reasons and the audience hope on the scale at which the story takes place, watching the film feels like sitting behind the wheel of a thousand car accidents, moment of impact, for three hours! Which is probably the reason exhaustion sets in. The worst part for me (I won't give it away) occurs at the end when the villain announces that he will strike again -- in other words, that the series is starting over. They should have called it Transformers: Bad Reboot!

3/10basilherringboneiii@ - 119 reviews
26.6.2014 - age: 13-17

27.12.2014 ·

James Edgar

This is an insult to documentary's, one of the worst presentations on a very important subject I've ever seen! This one probably did as much harm for our planet as good!!! It was maybe a couple of tidbits of information from getting a 0 rating.

4/10jimedgar2@ - 295 reviews
16.10.2013 - age: 50+

26.12.2014 ·

Diane Rankins Hickmon

Great entertainment for the entire family. It touches your heart. I really love all the actors. Can't wait to buy it!

10/10dhickmon@ - first review
22.12.2014 - age: 50+

24.12.2014 ·

Vince O'Driscoll

If you aren't already a fan of the first two movies, then don't waste your time. Non-fans will not like it. I thought it wrapped up the series nicely. Decent family movie.

7/10vodriscoll@ - 147 reviews
21.12.2014 - age: 50+

23.12.2014 ·

Roman Hassan

This was an action packed movie which had a lot of main stream actors and a few current UFC fighters. Overall it was a shoot him up type of movie with a so and so story line.

7/10army_and_trucker@ - 346 reviews
19.8.2014 - age: 36-49

20.12.2014 ·

John DiMuccio

Ah! Finally a movie that isn't a Hollywood inspired shoot-em-up sci-fi P.O.S. A genuinely beautiful film with an incredibly easy performance by Bill Murray - far outdoing anything he has perhaps ever done. It was a true delight that hits home with society's ill's and a good degree of comic balance to keep it real. Thank you.

9/10jneedee@ - 71 reviews
18.11.2014 - age: 36-49

19.12.2014 ·

Karen Noonan

A very moving film with strong characters portrayed by some of this era's outstanding dramatic actors. Each character is perfectly cast and each actor bring humanity and depth to their role. A deep look at the complexities of family dynamics and the deep need for parental approval despite age or societal status. I can see some Oscar nominations coming out of this film.

9/10rubyjuly@ - 35 reviews
11.10.2014 - age: 50+

17.12.2014 ·

Jeffrey Jefford

X-cellent addition to the X-men franchise. A well written story. Nice to see some of the former X-men characters even though some were cameos. Great Movie!

9/10jdjefford@ - 286 reviews
31.5.2014 - age: 36-49

16.12.2014 ·

Michel Asselin

Promising at first, it rapidly degrades into a sorry, useless mess of clichés gathered from Airport, Die Hard, and of course all of the recent Liam Neeson movies he's put out in the last decade. Liam, talk to your agent...

2/10michel.asselin@ - first review
28.2.2014 - age: 50+

13.12.2014 ·

Catherine Muldoon

Brilliant! DiCaprio was at his best. Wish he'd won the award instead of McConaughy who thanked HIMSELF. When Scorcese is directing, the movie is a 'must see'. Power, money, greed, sex, drugs, and feeling completely above the law was a 'normal' way of life for Leo and his employees. Jonah Hill was awesome. I laughed out loud many times, and thoroughly was in another orbit for almost 3 hrs.

9/10catcalca@ - 13 reviews
7.3.2014 - age: 50+

12.12.2014 ·

Regina Chambers

I love this movie. In life, we find ourselves in situations that at times seem unbelievable. Getting out of these situations gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and the gaining of self-knowledge. I loved this movie for very personal reasons, and also because of the universality of its messages about self-hatred, longing for love and approval, and the desire for fame and "success" in the outer world. I loved the way in which the young protagonist did not quit; and also seeing the way his character grew over the course of the film. The path to being a professional musician is arduous and extremely competitive. I loved how the director portrayed spiritual laws in action, and how beautifully this movie portrayed the dearth of love between men; and how they long for love and respect from their mentors and role models. Go see this film.

9/10regina_chambers@ - first review
24.11.2014 - age: 36-49