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28.3.2015 ·

Cynthia Bechara

I absolutely loved this movie so much I saw it twice. Why? Because it's a great action comedy! Loved the comedy in it! The action was great and Samuel L. Jackson is the best. I definitely would recommend this movie. One of the best ones in theatres right now actually.

10/10baby_cakes_22@ - 107 reviews
27.3.2015 - age: 26-35

25.3.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

Bad version of the film "Confidence". Song after popular song instead of dialogue, dry storytelling. Sound mixer was awful. Loud sounds and loud music, quiet dialogue. Wait for cable.

4/10takingstock@ - 73 reviews
20.3.2015 - age: 26-35

21.3.2015 ·

Erica Walker

Disney, Costner and all supporting cast, did a superb job producing a great sports drama that takes place in a farm-rich valley of California; a place where the unimaginable happens. It is inspired by a true story which is even more compelling. The story plays out over a span of many years and the legacy continues today as you will see. Not everyone can live the American dream and what is that anyway? The kids who are running against all odds have a different “American dream” because it’s all relative. There is an unwavering commitment to help their families, teammates and others- no materialism, plasticity, nor blatant sex- just a touching story full of good old fashion values. How refreshing is that? The power of family togetherness, hope, love, striving for excellence in the smallest of things and incredible work ethic, -come what may, there is always a smile, a joke, a simple gratitude for the smallest of things, an enduring faith, and a perseverance that takes these kids into probably the best part of their lives at that moment in time. A renewed sense of hope in their mundane and unspoiled world is to be regained. We witness courage, inspiration, strength, respect and a welcoming of diversity as one "home, sweet home." The audience clapped at the end of the film, and you don't witness that every day. Go see McFarland; you will laugh, perhaps shed a tear or two but mostly, you will feel for the characters and their need to change their world into some sense of mastery and a sense of moving forward. It is truly an amazing story of an unspoiled people with a very big dream. This one is sure to grab an Oscar.

9/10elwalker48@ - 43 reviews
16.3.2015 - age: 50+

20.3.2015 ·

Vicki Boulware

I guess with all the hype I was expecting something like "Saving Private Ryan"! I was disappointed. It's a good movie, but I wouldn't wait inline to see it...

7/10midamercontr@ - first review
19.3.2015 - age: 50+

18.3.2015 ·

Kevin Andrew

I loved Chappie. I can see why people aren't liking it, but you have to like Neil Blomkamp to like his films. Everyone bashes Elysium and I thought it was better than District 9, this is the worst out there, but still an amazing film. Neil Blomkamp easily is top 3 in Hollywood as a director and I can't wait for his Alien 5...

8/10kevinwandrew@ - 105 reviews
11.3.2015 - age: 26-35

17.3.2015 ·

Mathieu Arsenault

Great characters, good story development (except for the villain), and a good movie for kids and adults. As an adult, it won't be hard to follow your kids in this experience, even though you will find minor weaknesses about the movie. It is really enjoyable!

8/10mathos17@ - 17 reviews
10.3.2015 - age: 18-25

13.3.2015 ·

Tina Klein

It's motivational using sports and passion and no matter where you come from, the sport of running helps you in all facets of life as well as the involvement of community leaders.

10/10tkath1ete@ - first review
5.3.2015 - age: 36-49

11.3.2015 ·

Ray Torres

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie since it's original screen date - last Oct/Nov. An update on those swinging '60s spy movies. Improved storyline to the graphic novel that spawned it. Great cast, cool action scenes, and great plot. Loved that Mark Hamill was used as an actor in this movie when he was named in the graphic novel. Well worth seeing.

10/10niteray@ - 105 reviews
4.3.2015 - age: 36-49

10.3.2015 ·

Shirley Bond

A slow, comfy ride to a predictable finish. On the down side it never really gets up to full throttle, the ingratiating attitude of the hotel owner annoys and no plot line gets enough attention. Just okay.

7/10shirleypearl007@ - 87 reviews
9.3.2015 - age: 36-49

7.3.2015 ·

Robert Ladouceur

The actress did a great job very charming, great actress, funny. This movie for me was more a comedy, quite funny. I go to the movie to entertain myself, this definitely work for me.

8/10ac53083@ - 84 reviews
2.3.2015 - age: 50+

6.3.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

Anyone who likes sci-fi, ufo type films, will appreciate this film. Very entertaining and interesting, only downfall with the story was the end which was wasted with a love story type thing which could have been kept in the background and the main content of the film about people of other places developed further. That would have made this film a cult classic. But still worth watching, very entertaining!

9/10swordfish@ - 113 reviews
28.2.2015 - age: 18-25

4.3.2015 ·

Charlotte Wilton

If you are a fan of Austin Powers, you might like this movie. It is very raunchy, and silly. It was bad, and I thought it couldn't get worse until the last 20 minutes... terrible.

3/10charrywilton@ - 74 reviews
28.2.2015 - age: 36-49

3.3.2015 ·

Benjamin Mortlock

I've actually been to see this twice because it is very enjoyable. Loosely based on The Secret Service comic series, which is six parts the idea of an intelligence agency is all the movie and books have in common. I am a fan of Matthew Vaughn between his take on X-Men and Kick Ass. Hopefully there is another Kingsman possibly because we only met 5 out of 10 agents, if they have good writers, then they should be able to find another crisis to be resolved.

8/10bmubersoldat52@ - 66 reviews
24.2.2015 - age: 18-25

28.2.2015 ·

Brandy Irish

If you liked the first one, you'll probably like this one. Everyone's writing 10 paragraph reviews about lame plot and such, I feel I need to remind you, it's about a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE for crying out loud. Don't hurt yourself over thinking it. My expectations were pretty low going in, but it was alright. Couple if good laughs. See it at some point.

6/10brandy@ - 168 reviews
25.2.2015 - age: 36-49

25.2.2015 ·

Lori Gunn

Just a good heart touching story. Kevin Costner played this part very well and loved the little girl. You could really feel the emotions and relate to how they are feeling. Really enjoyed it.

8/10sixgunns@ - 120 reviews
22.2.2015 - age: 36-49

24.2.2015 ·

Mike MacKinnon

It was a good suspense thriller, somewhat predicable would be the issue with it. Had some laughs too. Movie was entertaining, my wife and I both enjoyed it.

7/10huskymike@ - 201 reviews
19.2.2015 - age: 50+

18.2.2015 ·

Wendy Guy

Okay time waster and worth watching, but don't expect anything profound or even much that's believable. Not very well written and almost no depth of character development. The stellar cast did their best with it, and if it weren't for them I'd give it a 3. Scifi by definition means you have to suspend your disbelief to some extent, but there are so many gaps in the story's logic, unanswered questions, and so many dead ends in what could have been intriguing trains of thought to explore, that I finally had to let it all go and keep watching just to see how it ends. It does present some interesting questions, though; it just does a poor job of answering them. Nevertheless, it's worth watching because the issues, problems and ethical quandaries it presents are ones we will have to wrestle with in some form in the coming decades and centuries. Let the movie get you thinking about how you think we "should" respond to these. What price are we willing to pay to let science be the answer to our problems? And if it solves our crises and human shortcomings but we lose our humanity in the process, will that be enough? I don't think it will, and I don't think our humanity could survive it. Wait until it comes to one of the movie networks or on DVD, but do watch it for an intriguing (if poorly developed) peek into what awaits us in our future as we become increasingly dependent on science to save us.

5/10scorpio_mystique@ - 84 reviews
19.4.2014 - age: 50+

17.2.2015 ·

Claude Larocque

A very slow paced movie about finding yourself through a physical challenge. Inspiring. Reese W. was excellent in her role. Not for action movie fans. A bit of life experience helps to appreciate this movie.

8/10elaroc2478@ - 213 reviews
1.1.2015 - age: 50+

14.2.2015 ·

Nico Bignami

The film is a trickery: under the pretext of passing a message with moral values (how to coop with unbalanced personality of a teenager girl ) there is a long show of sexual acts - almost 50 % of the story. The sequence of those almost porn images is offered to please and attract the voyeurs who buy the tickets... Nothing to do with some sexy, romantic comedies that often are entertaining. In this movie the sex is stupid and even boring (absolutely not exciting). The story is not credible, the acting is not convincing even if the actors do their best to work well. Something (in the second part) is acceptable, even interesting, but not enough to save the story.

6/10chekhov123@ - 83 reviews
9.6.2014 - age: 50+

11.2.2015 ·

Andriy Drozdyuk

What a disappointment after the first one. Director choose to go by the "predictable been there done that over the top effects and story that has no stakes or involvement of the viewer" route. First movie did a great job of introducing a charismatic young man with bit w very annoying girl friend, who did not need to be saved at every turn. Well, no worries the second movie remedies that! You won't see the main character as he is replaced by CGI, while the whole movie basically becomes about the girl and her struggles (oh boy which rich college would I attend? ) I feel bad even writing this as I just want to forget...

2/10drozzy@ - 49 reviews
27.5.2014 - age: 26-35

10.2.2015 ·

Isabelle Morin-girard

It was pretty entertaining, you don't really know what is going to happen most of the time but parts are predictable. The handheld camera thing wasn't really doing it for me, you never get the angle you want, you barely see the girl that is filming and it gives you a headache before you get used to it. But overall worth seeing and entertaining.

7/10soccer_republic_@ - 109 reviews
8.2.2015 - age: 18-25

7.2.2015 ·

Miss Mili

The movie is a must because it is about a LEGEND, Yves Saint-Laurent. BRAVO Pierre Niney. Pierre Niney IS YSL; I just could not think I was seeing an actor playing YSL. The big surprise: I had no idea YSL was living that kind of "decadence". Despite all the drugs, addictions, alcohol and decadence, I came out of the movie with the initial image of WHO YSL was. A young boy who was so sensitive, romantic, shy, respectful, from an almost a perfect family... I wondered what would have been his life without his partner in love and in business. Would any partner brought out the best of him without corrupting him in the milieu he introduced him to. His partner was also the one who started the cheating. I think it might have triggered an unstoppable rage in him, he who was so sensitive and true, so that he reacted by destroying himself (by killing the person he had been before) in order to be able to survive with someone he believed he could not live without (his friend) I also noticed the absence of his family throughout the movie. Asking myself whether he still kept his relationship to his own family intact... and how his family dealt with YSL other life. In spite of all the debauchery he adopted for his own life, I left the theatre with sadness, pity and affection towards YSL and also with the conviction that he remained the same young innocent and naive boy he had been during his childhood and adolescence. I wish we knew all this before his premature death.

9/10nabican74@ - 99 reviews
30.8.2014 - age: 50+

6.2.2015 ·

Stephen Krause

To sum it up, we walked out about a quarter of the way through. And while the list of reasons is long, here are a few: 1. I found the hand-held camera style of filming, combined with the extreme 60-Minute-like closeups annoying. 2. I felt almost claustrophobic as the setting was only in a small theater (at least during the part that we saw) 3. The film felt pretentious and as if it was trying to hard to be artsy and cutting edge. 4. A lot of gratuitous sexual connotations that were completely unnecessary, but apparently included because most writers think that we "want" this stuff in our movies. On the positive side, the acting was very good, especially Keaton and the girl who played his daughter--both outstanding.

4/10stevek364@ - 4 reviews
31.1.2015 - age: 50+

4.2.2015 ·

Andy Mathieu

Wow. What an incredible movie about a dysfunctional family that had came together to mourn the lost of their mother despite issues in the past. This was more about a son as a lawyer who defends his father as a presiding judge. This movie was about family. If you lost a mother, father or both, go see this movie and you'll find out why. Best movie of 2014.

10/10metalandy2000@ - 113 reviews
30.12.2014 - age: 36-49

3.2.2015 ·

Megan Evans

I was surprised how intelligent it actually was. It's a meandering story that takes the viewer on an interesting journey. I didn't find it to be particularly offensive, however I can see how some people might be offended by the extreme nudity. I thought the acting was excellent and the directing is very lyrical as is most of Lars von Trier's work. I enjoyed the cover art on the UK version of the blu ray as it's a misleading ruse. It's one of those films where you probably have to watch it several times to glean more information from it each time.

8/10quillsinc@ - 143 reviews
24.6.2014 - age: 36-49

31.1.2015 ·

Johanne Lessard

Grieving presents itself in many ways. Seldom it is presented as a long journey into the wilderness or the grieving of a daughter for her mother. Reese Witherspoon chose this script and I think was the right person to tell the story. Good use of flashbacks letting us discover efficiently the underlying story.

7/10jo.lessard@ - 104 reviews
21.12.2014 - age: 50+

30.1.2015 ·

A Dipetro

Great balance... evolution defended... creation defended. No one looks stupid… except one who thinks there is nothing and no one in charge. Great family film and will make everyone think... Christians and non-Christians!

9/10resumeperfect1@ - first review
21.1.2015 - age: 36-49

28.1.2015 ·

Dan Sparks

What's not to like? Beautiful from both sight and sound. Another wonderful film from a very talented director. Can't wait for the next Bryan Singer triumph.

9/10elmontsparks@ - 130 reviews
16.7.2014 - age: 50+

27.1.2015 ·

Angus Stewart

I get the movie... alien in human body trying to fit in. Unfortunately the script was boring and the movie did not go anywhere. I liked the way they left out the typical hollywood gunfights and car chases. But for heaven's sake at least give us a little more information about the aliens and what they are doing on earth. (And how they arrived on earth and when.) You keep waiting for something to happen and then the credits roll and then it is finished.

4/10parttimepainter@ - 174 reviews
13.5.2014 - age: 36-49

24.1.2015 ·

Jenny Guignard

I expected it to be much better for the 4th installment of Transformers but it's very different from the other movies, and on a much smaller scale. It's still a good action movie but not as good as the previous ones.

7/10jennyguignard@ - 93 reviews
14.7.2014 - age: 26-35

24.1.2015 ·

Name T.B.A.

Pleasantly surprised, did not dwell on unpleasantness of death, as the synopsis would have you believe. Enjoyed this film, it was about Family and life, had some very very funny moments! Over all a feel good movie, helps us appreciate the blessing and grace of that which we have that God has blessed us with, to appreciate Family, and our Lives. Some of the content is not appropriate for younger audiences.

8/10swordfish@ - 113 reviews
15.10.2014 - age: 18-25

23.1.2015 ·

Eric Strain

A younger crowd will not be able to appreciate the message of this movie as they are still gaining their life experiences. The cinematography was magnificent and the emotional ties between characters is very moving. Stiller really surprised me pleasantly in this film.

9/10limoeric@ - 17 reviews
6.1.2014 - age: 36-49

21.1.2015 ·

Fernando Curcione

Please disregard the overall rating that is here. It is totally unfair. The movie is brilliant. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are absolutely brilliant. The pace of the film does not make you feel as if you've been in the theater as long as the movie is. Thank you Martin Scorsese for an amazing movie!

10/10riverdalekid@ - 202 reviews
4.1.2014 - age: 50+

20.1.2015 ·

Glen Morry

Don't see this movie if you have not seen the first movie (and preferably read the books also) - it would not work as a stand-alone. That being said, it was very well done, and quite faithful to the novels. Speaking of which, it had been quite a while since I read the trilogy, and I had forgotten some details, so there was some surprise value in the movie for me! The acting was excellent, as was the CGI / cinematography. I thought they did a wonderful job with Panem, which had the feeling of a cross between ancient Rome and Berlin during the Third Reich. Now I want to go back and reread the third book, which I feel is the most complex of the three, given the focus on politics and rebellion, rather than "just" the hunger games.

8/10gman@ - 42 reviews
26.11.2013 - age: 50+

17.1.2015 ·

Shawn Cruickshank

A refreshing and unique installment to the X-Men series. The story is innovative and engaging. The new adversaries are frightening and powerful. Well-acted and brilliantly orchestrated from beginning to end.

9/10crooker41@ - 195 reviews
2.6.2014 - age: 36-49

16.1.2015 ·

Miki Pryor

Great background story about Stephen Hawking, but mostly about his wife and support system as his health degenerates. Really a love story more than anything else.

9/10mikipryor@ - 14 reviews
12.1.2015 - age: 50+

14.1.2015 ·

Jane Lumapas