A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

    A Bottle in the Gaza Sea Photos from the movie A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
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    Orig. title: Une Bouteille dans la mer de Gaza (French / English)2011 France · Israel 1:40 Drama by Thierry BinistiFirst love, first cigarette, first body piercing and first terrorist attack. After a suicide bombing at a café in her neighbourhood, a young 17-year-old French girl living in Jerusalem writes a letter to an imaginary Palestinian expressing her refusal of the hatred between the two peoples. She slips the letter into a bottle which she gives to her brother to throw into the sea, near Gaza, where he is doing his military service. A few weeks later, she receives a mysterious reply...
    Agathe Bonitzer
    Mahmoud Shalaby
    Hiam Abbass
    Riff Cohen
    Abraham Belaga
    Jean-Philippe Ecoffey
    Smadi Wolfman
    Salim Daw
    Loai Nofi
    François Loriquet


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