The Boondock Saints

    The Boondock Saints
    Orig. lang.: Spanish / English1999 Canada · USA 1:50 USA: R · violence · language · sexualityAction thriller by Troy DuffyFraternal twins Conner and Murphey MacMannus are on a mission from God to rid Boston of crime. However, instead of signing up for the police force, these hard-drinking Irish-American brothers take the law into their own hands a la Charles Bronson in DEATH WISH.

    Heralded as saints by the city's beleaguered residents, the brothers also attract of Paul Smecker, the openly gay FBI special agent to investigate the spate of killings amongst the ranks of the Russian mafia.

    Willem Dafoe
    Sean Patrick Flanery
    Norman Reedus
    David Della Rocco
    Billy Connolly
    David Ferry
    Brian Mahoney
    Bob Marley
    Richard Fitzpatrick
    William Young
    Robert Pemberton
    Bill Craig
    Dot Jones
    Scott Griffith
    Layton Morrison

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