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    6.2.2016 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    I don't know why there is so many bad reviews on this movie. If you [like] post-apocalyptic movies, you will or should like this one. Awesome movie I thought!

    10/10brentturville@ - 82 reviews
    2.2.2016 - age: 50+

    2.2.2016 ·

    David Baxter

    I enjoyed it very much. And by the reactions of the little girls around me it was a hit with them. So I think that is what was expected when they made the movie.

    8/10david.baxter@ - 89 reviews
    31.1.2016 - age: 50+

    27.1.2016 ·

    Al Jenkins

    Yes, I love the concept, a decent guy has some selfish jerkoffs mess with him and they soon find out that what a serious mistake they've made. Just like in Taxi Driver and Falling Down I really like seeing greasy douchbags get what they deserve. Add Wilem Dafoe who is always great and my marker is in the hat. Even the guy who was the sneaky Irish puke Ryan O'Reily on Oz, was in it! He plays the kingpin Viggo's #1 henchman. It's a tad cartoonish in the way that even the cops turn a blind eye to him, that he is a living "legend", and that he can kill 6 dozen bad guys. But I enjoyed it anyway. The idea of the Hotel as a sanctuary and a secret society was different.

    8/10lykos67@ - 30 reviews
    21.1.2016 - age: 36-49

    26.1.2016 ·

    Sharon Jenkins

    23.1.2016 ·

    Claudio Rieder

    This was a very slow long drawn out movie. I feel the acting was very well done by both DiCaprio and Hardy. This movie may have been better or believable if both characters had switched roles. In reality the hype was over the top for this film and after seeing it I could have waited for rental.

    7/10loveit@ - 104 reviews
    16.1.2016 - age: 50+

    22.1.2016 ·

    Martha Jordan

    I really liked this film. Such an incredible cast. I loved the historical elements to it. No one can figure how to use her new mop, which is like a fixture in any household now. What about women wearing pants? That was kind of a big deal in late 1980s. Not only does the film speak to the distance women have traveled in two and half decades, it's a powerful statement about fortitude. That poor woman - everyone was against her - but she never gave up. And what would the world be without the self-wringing mop head, felted hangars, and Home Shopping Network? Incomplete at best. Watch this film.

    8/10mart@ - first review
    6.1.2016 - age: 50+

    19.1.2016 ·

    Dominic Proctor

    This movie is everything that Gravity was not. It has great story, with well developed characters. Matt Damon did a great job in the title role, and the whole cast was excellent. It is not an action film, so viewers looking for that sort of entertainment will be disappointed. Someone looking for courage in the face of adversity and triumph of the human spirit will love it. It falls short of Apollo 13, but hey, that was reality, and you can't make that stuff up, though The Martian gives it a pretty good try. Very deserving of its best picture nomination.

    9/10dominic@ - 407 reviews
    17.1.2016 - age: 50+

    15.1.2016 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    Weak actors. Was looking forward to the movie. Very disappointing. Carrie Fisher weak. Lead characters weak and terrible acting from them. Hardly any plot...

    4/10firstbother@ - first review
    29.12.2015 - age: 50+

    13.1.2016 ·

    Erik Marken

    If you're looking for a feel good movie, turn and run. There is nothing happy or uplifting to find here. There is, a two minute scene that is quirky and light hearted, and I challenge you to find it. If you are looking for film making, at its very finest, this is the movie. The cinematography is brilliant. Every scene is gritty, like you have sand and small stones in your mouth and between your teeth and you can not get them out. The uncomfortable abrasion is perpetual and relentless. The film takes hold, and never lets go. In the last 15 minutes, I was hoping it would end, only so I could get a break. This is one of the best movies ever made.

    10/10moviegoer@ - 45 reviews
    10.1.2016 - age: 50+

    12.1.2016 ·

    Shawn Cruickshank

    Disappointing. Cliche and unoriginal. Disney should have listened to Lucas. Bumbling characters with no personality or depth. Laughable villain (s) Daisy Ridley and Harrison Ford were the only solid performances. The rest were just filler with no meaning or purpose. The Force Slumbers.

    6/10crooker41@ - 208 reviews
    12.1.2016 - age: 36-49

    9.1.2016 ·

    Terry Casserly

    I was shocked at how enjoyable this was. I think it is pure genius to be able to make a movie about a financial crisis actually interesting. The acting was excellent, especially Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling. Completely blown away by this movie.

    9/10tcass@ - 154 reviews
    4.1.2016 - age: 36-49

    8.1.2016 ·

    Tom Bauckham

    If you love blood, guts, and gore and people who talk and expound endlessly, this is the movie for you. I was not familiar with Tarantino's movies so I was not prepared. The second half was so horrendously gory it was surreal and almost funny at times. I found the movie without socially redeeming value.

    2/10tom.b@ - 2 reviews
    30.12.2015 - age: 50+

    6.1.2016 ·

    Benjamin Bauer

    This film demands immediate attention. It deals with a subject that's pressing NOW. That subject? That we are being screwed day in and day out by vapid people who see dollars as being more important than human beings. So go see this movie, get educated. It might prompt you to try and do something about it, what, I don't know. Oh, and it's also hella funny.

    9/10benjibango@ - 73 reviews
    30.12.2015 - age: 18-25

    5.1.2016 ·

    Pedro A. Berrios

    The repetition was beyond belief. Almost every scene was a re-make of a previous one we have seen in the other episodes. Interesting special effects, but the story line had no development. Acting was ok.

    6/10angberr@ - 116 reviews
    3.1.2016 - age: 36-49

    2.1.2016 ·

    Johnny Rethmetakis

    I enjoyed this movie very much. It was over the top as all of his films, but wickedly witty and funny at times. The acting is superb, especially Samuel Jackson. The story kept be intrigued throughout. I enjoyed and would recommend it.

    8/10reth@ - 69 reviews
    1.1.2016 - age: 50+

    1.1.2016 ·

    Catherine Cloutier

    While I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was not very creative in its story line, taking previous themes and simply updating them with new characters. That said, the presence of many of the original characters was a nice touch, tying the old movies into the new and creating a great sense of nostalgia for those of us who were around when the first movies were released. Take it for what it is, and enjoy the ride.

    8/10cinthusiast@ - first review
    30.12.2015 - age: 50+

    30.12.2015 ·

    Nat Diaz

    Finally watched this in 2015. It was highly recommended by a colleague who was 16 in 2004. In 2004, I had heard the hype but also heard not so good things. However I try to keep an open mind, since I love Christmas, always have and always will. This movie had such great potential... but I was bored. It was slow, the story seemed forced and truthfully to make children believe the North Pole is an industrialized city where presents go on conveyor belts is an abhorrent idea. Where is the vast beautiful wilderness? The polar bears and Santa and Mrs. Claus making presents in their cozy warm Cottage with elven helpers putting the final touches? Where is the barn with plenty of hay where Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer are getting ready for their big annual trip around the world? I was sorry to find no magic here, just streets and factories and concrete... all of which do not represent the North Pole or Christmas.

    5/10siboney22@ - 56 reviews
    29.12.2015 - age: 36-49

    29.12.2015 ·

    James Edgar

    A good look at a few individuals who were smart enough and had the conviction to hold on and cash in during the temporary fall of our corrupt financial enterprise!

    9/10jedgar@ - 385 reviews
    25.12.2015 - age: 50+

    26.12.2015 ·

    Manuel Miles

    The Farce is strong with this one... I had to walk out after about an hour for fear of getting an overdose of schmaltz, political correctness, and saccharine. I actually thought that the young stars were pretty good seeing what a childish script they were handed but the whole movie was sunk by the belief that what wowed the masses in 1977 would do the same again in 2015. I didn't want to see More Of The Same on retreads and I hated the feeling that I knew what was going to happen next. The producers should have remembered that recycling is what you do with garbage. I'd rename this one "The Farce Rises From the Dead in Search of Victims". It wasn't quite a horror film, but it came close.

    2/10kaptain_kanada@ - 125 reviews
    23.12.2015 - age: 50+

    23.12.2015 ·

    Michel Fleury

    I liked it until the fight in the train and then the scenario seemed to fall apart and just when you want it to end, it goes on and on and on. Sam Mendes tried to do too much in one movie. Why does it always have to be an international conspiracy where James Bond constantly travels here and there and back again? It's dizzying. The movie made me long for the James Bond movies of old. It made me long for Judi Dench as M, it made me long for a better villain. Stick to a more simple plot that works. Maybe it's time for Mendes to take a break and let somebody else take over. Maybe it's time for Craig to take a break too. He wasn't half the James Bond we are used to see him play in this one. The fights are good, the car pursuit is great, the special effects/explosions are well done. The story just isn't really there. Or is it all over the place? We all know James Bond movies get a little bit over the top at times but we expect this and even like it. This one goes over over the top and becomes simply unbelievable, a caricature of a James Bond movie. I know my review sounds harsh but I was expecting a lot better. It's not awful, it's just not very good.

    5/10mike@ - 80 reviews
    22.12.2015 - age: 36-49

    22.12.2015 ·

    Ali Ikram

    Wow, I never thought India could make an epic historical and do it so convincingly. Credit really should go to the director for investing 13 years into making this look beautiful and convincing. He has admittedly taken many cinematic liberties with the original story, but he admits it up front, and the end product is amazing. I am so glad SLB also didn't cast his original choices for this movie, because this movie deserved actors and not stars, and Ranveer, Priyanka and Deepika along with the supporting cast all give mesmerizing performances. Priyanka even outshines the others most times. Now the million dollar question I have is whether there is really such a thing as Aaina Mahal somewhere in India. It looked so cool on screen, and if that was just a film set, I give major props again to everyone. Bhansali is quite inconsistent with the quality of his movies, but this ranks among his best, along with Khamoshi: The Musical and Black.

    10/10aliikram@ - 131 reviews
    22.12.2015 - age: 36-49

    19.12.2015 ·

    Jeff Jefford

    A great addition to the Star Wars saga! Very nostalgic, yet with fresh new characters. An emotional roller coaster. Humorous. Has many similarities to Episode 4, Star Wars - A New Hope. Received applause by attendees at the end of the film. More to come!

    9/10jdjeffird@ - 340 reviews
    17.12.2015 - age: 36-49

    16.12.2015 ·

    Bob Pitcher

    Surprised by how much I liked this movie. Good story, and the leads, all 3, worked very well together, especially the two males. I really loved the subtle whit and comedy throughout this flick, and the cinematography, and the music. Not a James Bond sort of "BOOM in your FACE!", more like "well, kaboom, and there you go, in your face". Good flick!

    8/10rob@ - 154 reviews
    14.12.2015 - age: 36-49

    15.12.2015 ·

    Jeremy Fichaud

    Ron Howard is a world class director. A man who truly knows how to put a movie together. Unfortunately, his latest, In the Heart of the Sea, is not up to his usual impeccable standard of excellence. It has several things going for it, not the least of which is Chris Hemsworth's undeniable screen charisma, even if he has barely a role to speak of here. Gleeson makes a decent narrator, but both Cillian Murphy and new Spiderman Tom Holland are wasted. The narrative, which served as the inspiration for Moby Dick, should have been the clincher. A battle at sea with a 100 ft whale, who doesn't want to see that? Yet even the CGI whale encounters are rather ho-hum, some thrilling moments and impressive sound notwithstanding. The film moves along at a decent pace, but is flimsy where it counts, and never quite takes off like you're expecting it to. To my recollection, the only time Howard has failed to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable and emotionally stirring piece of entertainment with a solid foundation to work off of. Disappointing is surely the word.

    6/10jfichaud@ - 250 reviews
    13.12.2015 - age: 26-35