New Movies

Don't Breathe
Horror/thriller with Stephen Lang & Dylan Minnette 1h28m $avgme{27976}$votesme{27976}
Mechanic: Resurrection
Action thriller with Jason Statham & Jessica Alba 1h39m $avgme{46015}$votesme{46015}
Hell or High Water
Criminal drama with Chris Pine & Ben Foster 1h42m $avgme{60550}$votesme{60550}
Drama with Anna Gunn & James Purefoy 1h40m $avgme{53849}$votesme{53849}
Little Men
Drama with Greg Kinnear & Jennifer Ehle 1h25m $avgme{60698}$votesme{60698}
A Flying Jatt
Fantasy comedy with Tiger Shroff & Jacqueline Fernandez 2h20m $avgme{62289}$votesme{62289}
Edge of Winter
Dramatic thriller with Tom Holland & Joel Kinnaman 1h29m $avgme{61895}$votesme{61895}
When the Ocean Met the Sky
Comedy-drama with Aren Buchholz & Darcy Belsher 1h31m $avgme{21540}$votesme{21540}
Happy Bhaag Jayegi
(Hindi) Romance with Jimmy Shergill & Abhay Deol $avgme{62217}$votesme{62217}
Main Teri Tu Mera
(Punjabi) Drama with Karamjit Anmol & Roshan Prince $avgme{62225}$votesme{62225}
Line Walker
(Cantonese, Mandarin) Action drama with Nick Cheung & Louis Koo 1h49m $avgme{62252}$votesme{62252}
25 Kille
(Punjabi) Comedy-drama with Daljinder Basran & Hobby Dhaliwal 2h20m $avgme{62288}$votesme{62288}
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