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3.12.2016 ·

Bois Wilson

Much better than I expected. Very funny movie. Ok, premise is pretty dumb and this isn't going to strain the grey matter overly much, but the chemistry between the two "idiots" is compelling. They each spend the whole movie trying to be the bigger fool - by my reckoning it was a tie!

8/10boispw@ - 114 reviews
29.11.2016 - age: 50+

29.11.2016 ·

Luc Laflamme

I very much enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films and when it all ended I was okay only revisiting when I watch the movies or reread the books. I was not excited about this movie and had no intention on going to see it but I am glad my friend dragged me to it. It was good, the CGI was great and Eddie does a fantastic job. I am excited for the next installment.

8/10llme09@ - 138 reviews
23.11.2016 - age: 26-35

26.11.2016 ·

Raymond Deneault

In a normal situation, I leave a movie with a set of emotions that I use to analyse, rate and write a review about it. This time, I left the movie numb and without any emotions. More than two hours later... I still do not know what to think about Arrival.

7/10raymond.erp@ - 108 reviews
22.11.2016 - age: 50+

25.11.2016 ·

Vickie Wilson

This was a great movie! Some of the scenes were more revealing than I expected, but it was a war movie. I think it was done very well. I give it a thumbs up and a must see.

10/10vaw76@ - first review
13.11.2016 - age: 50+

23.11.2016 ·

Mel Brown

An unusual film in that all (almost all?) the characters are of Muslim faith yet it was written, produced and directed by Israelis. Not to fear. There was no slitting of throats, rocket attacks, or air raids. If it had been produced elsewhere, it might have been deemed a "drama, romance". The action centers around a family of Bedouins. Although these Bedouins reside on desert sand they are wanderers no more, now dwelling in a home with doors rather than tent flaps. Sand may blow in through the ill-fitting doors, but it's still home. Worship and activities dictate that their society remains religiously patriarchal. The head of the household does try to inject some modernism into his family's life, but old customs are still the mandate. As the household consists of two wives and four daughters, papa's plans are often questioned anyway. The movie could have deteriorated into political propaganda. Yet it focused on a problem similar to one we have here in the West: the male/female relationship. There are layers of interest in the film, an examination of which may create levels of anger and distrust but 'Sand Storm' was educational rather than confrontational, thus any debates should be in similar mode.

7/10maverick@ - 389 reviews
22.11.2016 - age: 50+

22.11.2016 ·

Sylvie Bouchard

Great movie, worth seeing! This movie is about one of the largest oil spill environmental disaster on the planet. It is based on the true events of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the cast give a very strong performance. John Malkovich plays one of the bad guy from British Petroleum. You are mad at these BP managers for almost the entire movie as they purposely failed to prevent this catastrophe in order to save money. The special effects are great! This is a powerful film but the story will infuriate you! This is very educational and a must see!

8/10tigre62@ - 95 reviews
22.11.2016 - age: 50+

19.11.2016 ·

Shirley Donda

It must be very hard to make a movie like this. Mel Gibson in telling the story also showed us different sides to every one's story. How could somebody come back from war and be normal, lots can't. I could never be that brave.

10/10donda@ - 86 reviews
13.11.2016 - age: 50+

16.11.2016 ·

Ron Corbeil

Best sci-fi I've seen in years. Amy Adams is totally convincing, a superb performance. Denis Villeneuve has the remarkable ability not to over or under glaze any scene. Visually captivating. And what about those aliens... captivating!

10/10restofin@ - 14 reviews
15.11.2016 - age: 50+

15.11.2016 ·

Arshad Khan

Rarely does a film successfully capture the horror of slavery so effectively. It's quite an achievement that Nate Parker stars in and directs this powerful drama. This is a film you will not soon forget. [[There is controversy surrounding the rape allegations against Nate Parker but that judgements lies with the legal establishment and his own conscience.]]

9/10arshadfilms@ - 60 reviews
8.11.2016 - age: 36-49

12.11.2016 ·

Olivier Saint-Laurent

How to describe this movie : light and cute. The main character is uber charismatic in his role as he travels from his country to the foire agricole. Is it worth seeing in theater? Yes and no. It really depends how you feel.

5/10oli@ - 167 reviews
11.11.2016 - age: 26-35

9.11.2016 ·

Justin Thorsteinson

I had mixed feelings on this film. The concept and setting really works. It keeps you guessing at points. John Goodman did a bang up job in his part... and then it just falls completely flat at the end. Like I mean horribly... completely off the rails, train wreck ending, that more or less ruins the show. They're lucky to get a 5/10 from me. Why? For the love of God why?

5/10canuckcop@ - 192 reviews
6.11.2016 - age: 36-49

8.11.2016 ·

Frederic Hamra

Inferno is pretty similar to The Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons but with less suspense. Though the movie has some good action but you feel the story is all over the place and some of the acting is not good. Overall acceptable action/adventure but we have seen a lot better.

6/10freddy.at.the.movies@ - 450 reviews
5.11.2016 - age: 36-49

5.11.2016 ·

Darrell Simpson

Went into this one with a little trepidation. After all Mel was the director and this wasn't going to be a Steven Spielberg Saving Private Ryan. For those expecting action from start to end... be patient... it takes over an hour to get to Okinawa. Then the action starts. I must say the realism of some of the scenes was pretty good. This in itself bumped the movie up to an 8. However, some of those crazy tactics made those familiar with actual combat shake their heads. I mean c'mon... about 500 US troops all packed together in a 50 m2 area charging straight at the enemy who is know to be dug in waiting? I guess Hollywood needs the drama and excitement but this reminded me of those other farces such as "We Were Soldiers" (starring Mel Gibson - this director) and Windtalkers. Now Japanese tactics? Yeah ok. Not uncommon for Banzai attacks in mass similar to this, but these occurred mostly at night and not during broad daylight. Anyway, it was what it was. Those people rating it very high likely have no idea, but it makes for good TV I suppose. As the Trailers state it's..."The Best War Movie Since Saving Private Ryan". That's not saying much considering the bevy of War Stinkers released since that epic classic.

7/10drs@ - 350 reviews
4.11.2016 - age: 50+

2.11.2016 ·

Roger Delaney

Well, I read a number of reviews before going to this film and I was not sure what to expect. I did read the book and I enjoyed it especially the brilliant twist in the ending. This movie had all the ingredients for a great movie; intellectually challenging plot, great actors and a history of success. So what happened? The director simply blew it, first by trying to put action over plot development and most importantly, by changing the ending... not just a little mind you, but totally. In other words, he dumbed down the movie and rewrote the end. What a terrible waste and what a shame.

5/10roger.delaney@ - 75 reviews
31.10.2016 - age: 50+

1.11.2016 ·

Mike Whalen

I would rate the story about a 6 or a 7 but I thought Emily Blunt elevated it to an 8 as she was exceptional in her role. I think other actresses might of brought the character down to an even lower level which would not have worked so well. I enjoyed "Gone Girl" better as it kept surprising me while I guessed the killer early in this film. Blunt made this movie "great" in my views as I enjoyed her performance better than I actually enjoyed the movie.

8/10mike@ - 277 reviews
28.10.2016 - age: 50+

29.10.2016 ·

Aashee Aziz

The movie is unique. It is not the typical romantic love triangle, it really explores the subject of unrequited love and friendship. Ranbir and Anushka were very good. The emotions were raw and the songs are good. I really liked how it was not the typical romantic Bollywood film, it explores the relationships with yourself and others.

7/10siamesetabby@ - 72 reviews
29.10.2016 - age: 26-35

26.10.2016 ·

Andrew S. Gilbert

Courtroom dramas, or any examination of the mechanics of our legal systems are compelling. "Inherit the Wind", "The Verdict", "A Few Good Men", "Runaway Jury" and others greater and less so, have enthralled. Denial is a good film. Very well written, and put together. A dream cast led by Rachel Weisz. She's a versatile actor, on the money in the role. Even the diluted "Nu Yoak" patois is credible. Most drama of this type is sold by technique, and inflection. Timothy Spall is marvellous, as a cretin. Tom Wilkinson's dry "I have the key, just wait" crafting of his role is very fine. Andrew Scott's portrayal of a legal icon on the money too. Still, the UK offers work this good, in TV serials regularly," Judge John Deed"," Silks" and the like.Great film for the ages, maybe not, entertaining, engaging and intelligent, indeed. There is some grit and discomfort too, be forewarned. In this soft part of the year for film offerings, it's a mid 7, rounded up.

8/10asgilbert@ - 110 reviews
26.10.2016 - age: 50+

25.10.2016 ·

Jim Bell

A great 'buddy' movie. Some of the most inappropriate bits were the funniest. Definitely not a family movie, but great fun. Russell Crowe should do more comedy.

8/10jimble@ - 82 reviews
23.10.2016 - age: 50+

22.10.2016 ·

Andy Mathieu

This movie does have good action but not as good as the first two. The one thing I did liked was the tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy and the crew of the original Starship Enterprise.

7/10andy@ - 132 reviews
19.10.2016 - age: 36-49

19.10.2016 ·

Impi Sood

This movie deals with a trial that wound up in 2000. A Holocaust denier decides to sue a Professor for libel. She fights back. It is very well made movie with understated performances by the whole cast but Tom Wilkinson and Andrew Scott shine in their roles. Rachel Weisz plays the passionate Professor who must trust her conscience to these two men, who are part of her legal team. This is well worth a watch.

7/10impi@ - 138 reviews
18.10.2016 - age: 36-49

18.10.2016 ·

Lori Gunn

Loved it! Really enjoyed this good old western movie with an amazing cast. Loved all the different characters. Was entertained the entire movie. No bad language, highly recommend this movie.

10/10sixgunns@ - 141 reviews
16.10.2016 - age: 50+