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    1.7.2015 ·

    Alfred Young Man

    If one doesn't know the story of the Battle of Gallipoli, a person can be fairly helpless insofar as trying to understand what in hell is going on from one scene to the next. Questions such as who are the enemy and who are the good guys and can willows or metal coat hangers used to find water in the parched desert lands of Australia really be used to find the dead buried in a war zone on the other side of the planet, or at least what is left of them? Wars are made up of good and bad guys or so we are told by politicians, historians and just about everybody else who has a stake in any particular war. In this story it seems to be the Australians who are the good or bad guys, depending on your point of view, at other times it's the Turks, other times the Greeks (?) or the Sufi Whirling Dervishes (didn't know they loved war) This is just strange strange stuff and difficult to follow, rather like what is going on in Iraq/Syria/Afghanistan/et al today, a free-for-all of sorts. Those people really love their wars, no doubt. Or perhaps the message I'm supposed to take home is that there are no good or bad guys in wars, only stupid little men going off to slaughter each other in the name of this or that cause, religion, or whatever. I mean, why not? Men are still doing idiotic things like that today and they'll never learn, sadly enough. The story, while noble, can run a little thin at times since you already know the plot which is fully spelled out in the Info section of this website's movie ads so you can't blame this reviewer for spoiling the story. I found myself hoping that Crowe'd find his children sooner rather than later and I could go home, with the message. To make the film a complete loss, some idiot was kicking the back of my chair. Where do Dumbo's like that get off and where are the ushers at times like this? Lol!

    6/10youngman@ - 54 reviews
    28.6.2015 - age: 50+

    30.6.2015 ·

    Justine Cascanette

    In my opinion, this movie is spectacular! I am a HUGE Jurassic Park fan and although was excited about this sequel, I knew it would be tough to live up to the original 1993 classic. I was skeptical of the casting choice at first after seeing the trailer, but overall think the casting was spot on! Chris Pratt is simply great and Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins also gave very good and convincing performances. Critics can nit-pick this movie apart all they want, but the bottom line is that this was a great sequel to a great classic, a Steven Spielberg pretty-much-impossible-to-beat classic (as evidenced by the Jurassic Park 2 and 3) Once the action starts, it hardly lets up for a second, which makes for a very exciting movie than doesn't drag through 2 hours. Some fun easter eggs were also included, which just makes it all that much better especially for those who grew up with the original Jurassic park movies.

    10/10cascanej@ - 62 reviews
    29.6.2015 - age: 18-25

    27.6.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    The theme is old. The world is coming to an end but a few people know that their exists a parallel world on the same planet earth. The "gate" to this world requires a key in the form of a badge. A young girl is given one by a humanoid and she enters the world. A man, played by George Clooney, has been in this world but world but was expelled. He teams up with the humanoid and the girl to gain access. The special effects are minimal, the best ones are views of the city in the second world. The script is uninspiring and Clooney's acting is limited to grinning and grimacing. The two young actresses that portray the android and the young girl, are a pleasure to watch. The film ends with inferring suggestions on how to save the world - all of which can be read in today's newspapers!

    6/10frank@ - 49 reviews
    20.6.2015 - age: 50+

    24.6.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    This movie lacks 3/10 rating... well here is one, absolutely silly plot, the girl should go to acting school, she's not even pretty, Wes Bentley gets the job done, but it's really a garbage "thriller" the producer is an idiot.

    3/10lolyoublow@ - 209 reviews
    20.6.2015 - age: 18-25

    23.6.2015 ·

    Elizabeth Bernath

    As a concept, the movie might have had the potential to work out well. Unfortunately, the narrative was a remarkably haphazard assortment in its portrayal of approaches to analyzing a child's life. I am surprised the whole thing was put to production.

    1/10violbiol@ - 269 reviews
    20.6.2015 - age: 26-35

    20.6.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    Love this movie, fantabulous acting! Of course amazing Muzak! Must see if you like The Beach Boys! Brian Wilson's a Genius on the border line of CooCoo!!! Nice 60's Styling!

    9/10cootiebaby8@ - 72 reviews
    14.6.2015 - age: 50+

    17.6.2015 ·

    Mark Richards

    An intelligent, sensitive Palestinian youth is sent to the most prestigious school in Israel at his Arab father's behest in the hope that he will fulfill the dreams of a family and "become" someone. His handicapped best friend is Jewish as is the young woman he is interested in and soon he finds himself trapped between two cultures who feel only hatred and scorn for each other. The struggle to deal with the dichotomy in his life and his attempts to make sense of love and loss in both worlds eventually leads to his coming of age. A good story that doesn't follow Hollywood formulas, along with some sensitive, somewhat subtle, performances - I haven't enjoyed a movie as much in a long, long time. I do recommend it to others.

    9/10markrichards@ - 30 reviews
    10.6.2015 - age: 50+

    16.6.2015 ·

    Raymond Deneault

    Given the crowd reaction, I would call Insidious 3 a good horror movie. There were screams and nervous laughs throughout the screening. They must have done something right.

    8/10raymond.erp@ - 78 reviews
    9.6.2015 - age: 50+

    13.6.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    The Longest Ride is a slow but entertaining romantic drama based on the novel of author Nicholas Sparks. The acting is strong in the film – particularly by Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, and Alan Alda. This is a well written story where the past lives of two people intertwine with the current lives of two other people. The flashbacks made to the 1940s, 1950s, etc… are in appropriate context to the story. The cinematography is also first rate which adds to the depth of the film.

    8/10bluestar10129@ - 74 reviews
    10.6.2015 - age: 36-49

    10.6.2015 ·

    Arlyn Tapp

    This was one "High Octane Over drive of a movie." I went in with high expectations having read all the critics' reviews, and left feeling exhausted and a bit disappointed. After the first hour my attention started to wane. Feeling I was on sensory over load. The stunts were great. Super visuals and loved the originality of seeing older women kicking butt... I found most of the dialogue lame and lacking depth. Tom basically mumbled his way through this. And Charlize Theron who always adds something special to a role was not convincing enough for me. However it had its moments of cinematic madness relevance.

    7/10arlynamelia@ - 36 reviews
    9.6.2015 - age: 50+

    9.6.2015 ·

    Darren Boucher

    The best comedy I've seen in years, so funny. The plot was basic, a play on spy movies, but it worked totally. Jenny McCarthy has never been funnier, and with a solid cast the movie works on every level. Everything clicks, everyone gels so perfectly that it is an instant classic. Fifty Cents makes an appearance, which was cool. The laughs keep coming throughout, they hid lots from the trailers, so that was great. It's a perfect comedy, imo.

    10/10stanlee@ - 192 reviews
    6.6.2015 - age: 36-49

    6.6.2015 ·

    Tony Richard

    Special effects were great. Story line was very thin and credulity stretched to the max. Having said that, something big is going to happen sooner or later.

    6/10trichard@ - 95 reviews
    2.6.2015 - age: 50+

    3.6.2015 ·

    Andre Scantland

    Amazing special effects. I like disaster movie and this one rates at the top for me. I alson like The Rock. Intense moments and really exiting action. A must see if you like those types of movies.

    9/10casper999@ - 121 reviews
    29.5.2015 - age: 50+

    2.6.2015 ·

    Robbin Penney

    This is a very touching and funny picture. I laughed and cried over this story. The subject of the film - Giuseppe Marinoni - is a very interesting character and I enjoyed his relationship and interaction with the film-maker. The story is simple but it will hold your interest to the very end. There is both suspense and a heart warming end to the story. You do not have to be a cyclist or cycling fan to enjoy this picture but it certainly does help to understand Giuseppe's journey to the one-hour record.

    8/10robbinemail@ - 149 reviews
    31.5.2015 - age: 36-49

    30.5.2015 ·

    Francois Le Page

    It was an OK film. The end is rather deceiving. However, the special effects are worth to see. Washington is very solid as usual. A movie to watch on a DVD for a good entertainment, especially if you like Washington.

    7/10lepagef@ - 4 reviews
    30.5.2015 - age: 50+

    27.5.2015 ·

    Daniel Chadwick

    A Western that leaves you feeling deflated and elated at the end. A rarity in the world of film. Full of great acting and a fantastic debut for director John Maclean...

    9/10kingjames0329@ - 114 reviews
    22.5.2015 - age: 13-17

    26.5.2015 ·

    Darrell Simpson

    If there were 0.5 divisions in the ratings I would have voted 6.5. It took a bit to get into this movie and at the start I was wondering what I got myself into. That "Fast Forward" filming was a little over the edge, but after 30 minutes I got used to it and it wasn't that much of a distraction. If you like action, chase scenes, violence and NOISE... this is one for you. If you are looking for detailed plot and character development, then pass.

    7/10drs@ - 291 reviews
    21.5.2015 - age: 50+

    23.5.2015 ·

    G. Went

    A nice documentary. Exposes some of the fashion world and the real people behind it. The journey of the team with a new designer and an old house to a first show was perfectly shown.

    9/10gaw@ - 106 reviews
    18.5.2015 - age: 36-49

    22.5.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    A movie I would take my adult children and my grandkids to see and not be ashamed of. And I would gladly pay for them all. However do not tell them that. Granny.

    10/10lovelylassie2000@ - first review
    14.5.2015 - age: 50+

    20.5.2015 ·

    Christine Scott

    It's very refreshing to see two male leads who can make a movie funny without profanity or vulgarity, or constant talk about sports. The dialogue was witty & entertaining; the scenery = beauty beyond words - felt like I was there and the food dishes looked very unique & delightful. However, for someone who doesn't appreciate poetry, lyricism, comical reference to these things, and actor impersonations, you may get bored. The plot line would therefore seem thin to most, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    7/10knarf35@ - 70 reviews
    14.5.2015 - age: 26-35

    19.5.2015 ·

    Sharon Fernandes

    We can't get enough off this heart felt, meaningful and most inspiring feel good show. I cannot even explain how it feels every time I see an episode but a feeling of wonder, joy and being loved by God's love in time of need and despair. Extreme fulfillment and satisfaction. Roma Downey carries it very well like she was born to play this God sent role. You will be touched by an Angel after seeing this show, Guaranteed.

    10/10shazjoao@ - 2176 reviews
    17.5.2015 - age: 36-49