Swinging with the Finkels

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    2010 United Kingdom · USA 1:25 USA: RRomantic comedy by Jonathan NewmanHaving met at University, American born Ellie (Mandy Moore) and her husband Alvin (Martin Freeman) are several years into their marriage. The heady sparks of lust and fun have sadly faded and they're left with the day to day normality of their everyday life.

    Advised by best friends Peter (Jonathan Silverman) and Janet (Melissa George), who are having their own marital problems, Ellie and Alvin are desperate to 'spice things up'.

    Having explored various options, including an unfortunate incident with a cucumber as witnessed by Ellie's Grandfather (played by comedy legend Jerry Stiller), Ellie hits upon the brilliant idea to mix things up with another couple - to have a 'consensual affair' within the confines of the marriage.

    The couple embarks on finding the ideal couple and begins to interview a plethora of perverse and quirky swingers. They finally settle on what seem to be the perfect couple - played by the well known UK media personality Angus Deayton and the hilarious Daisy Beaumont. A night of insanity and hilarity follow.

    Filled with brilliantly observed truths about men and woman, and some side achingly funny set pieces, "Swinging with the Finkels" is a romantic comedy with a unique edge that anyone that has ever been in a relationship will relate to.

    Mandy Moore
    Martin Freeman
    Melissa George
    Jerry Stiller
    Jonathan Silverman
    Elizabeth Tan
    Graham Bohea
    Carolyn Tomkinson
    Edward Akrout
    Delia Antal
    Daisy Beaumont
    Tim Beckmann
    Michael Burgess
    Paul Chowdhry
    Alec Christie


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