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    The Witch

    The Witch

    Horror with Anya Taylor-Joy & Ralph Ineson. 1st week. 1h30m
    '' A good horror movie, really different from what we usually see. A well written story...

    Today (May 3)  7:00

    Wed (May 4)  7:00

    This is the last screening.

    Too Late

    Too Late

    Drama with John Hawkes & Vail Bloom. 1st week. 1h47m
    Did you see it? Write a review!

    Today (May 3)  9:00

    Wed (May 4)  9:00

    This is the last screening.

    Midnight Special

    Midnight Special

    Science-fiction with Michael Shannon & Joel Edgerton. Playing soon! 1h51m
    '' This movie is kind of a cross between a Sci-fi-- mystery-- and a thriller, unfortunately some of...

    Today (May 3)  not playing

    Fri (May 6): 9:30
    Sat (May 7)  9:00

    Wu xia

    Wu xia (Dragon)

    (Mandarin) Action with Donnie Yen & Takeshi Kaneshiro. Playing soon! 1h54m
    Did you see it? Write a review!

    Today (May 3)  not playing

    Sat (May 7): 4:00

    Showtimes for the next upcoming days are not available yet.

    We will publish them as soon as they become available, later in the week.

    * Movie showtimes are subject to change without prior notice.

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