Yacoubian Building

Yacoubian Building Pictures from the movie Yacoubian Building
© Copyright M├ętropole Films
Orig. titleOmaret yakobean
Orig. lang.Arabic
DirectorMarwan Hamed
Adel Imam
Nour El-Sherif
Essad Youniss
Ahmed Bedir
Hend Sabri

StudioM├ętropole Films

One place throughout the ages contains a history of events, personalities and situations. One place behind closed doors hides the secrets and stories of human beings preoccupied with a world of needs. This place will open its doors and reveal its secrets. Everybody will see the true stories of unpretentious people. Everybody will see what needs can do to people. Need for anything and for everything. Need for money, food, security, love, sex, power and revenge. Different people and different stories, all detached from each other, with only one thing bringing them together... one building: the Yacoubian Building.

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