100 Days

DirectorBrett Rogers

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There are not very many places left on earth as wild and free as the Yukon River. For Brett Rogers, the lifelong temptation to experience the power of the Yukon River was too strong to pass up. While still in University, Brett rounded up an eager team and headed off for the Yukon Territory. The goal was to build a raft and float 3000 kilometers to the far edge of Alaska where the Yukon River meets the Bering Sea.

Armed with a video camera to capture his personal story, Brett pushed off from Whitehorse with no expectations. What followed could not had been scripted - an Indian Chief's funeral, an unsuccessful attempt at mutiny, a helicopter rescue for an injured teammate, and the discovery of a dead body in the middle of the Alaskan night.

100 Days is a timeless documentary that celebrates the spirit of adventure, the kindness of strangers, and the often dark realities of life in the north. Narrated by Les Stroud, this documentary captures the candid spirit of exploration across one of the world's greatest, big wild rivers.

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