Photos from the movie O

"O" (Mekhi Phifer) is the newest basketball player on the Hawks team, and has rapidly risen to king of the courts. He has won the respect of Coach Duke (Martin Sheen) and the love of the bright and beautiful Desi (Julia Stiles). And now he's about to be the champion he's always dreamed of being. That is, until Coach Duke's envious son Hugo (Josh Hartnett) becomes O's new best friend. Now the cool and confident O is trapped in a web of deceit -- convinced that Desi is cheating on him and his best buddies are going behind his back from which he just can't seem to rebound. As O's game begins to slip and the situation spins out of control, the question becomes, just who is playing who?
Mekhi Phifer
Martin Sheen
Josh Hartnett
Andrew Keegan
Julia Stiles
Rain Phoenix
Chris Freihofer
Elden Henson
John Heard
Anthony Johnson

© Copyright Lions Gate Films

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