New Movies

Jason Bourne
Action with Matt Damon & Tommy Lee Jones 2h03m $avgme{20795}$votesme{20795}
Bad Moms
Comedy with Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell 1h41m $avgme{49180}$votesme{49180}
Thriller with Emma Roberts & Dave Franco 1h30m $avgme{59161}$votesme{59161}
Star Trek Beyond
Sci-fi thriller with Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto 2h00m $avgme{28950}$votesme{28950}
The Seventh Fire
Documentary by Jack Pettibone Riccobono 1h16m $avgme{61868}$votesme{61868}
Seoul Searching
Comedy-drama with Justin Chon & Jessika Van 1h45m $avgme{58463}$votesme{58463}
Life, Animated
Documentary by Roger Ross Williams 1h29m $avgme{60612}$votesme{60612}
The Blackout Experiments
Documentary by Rich Fox 1h19m $avgme{61811}$votesme{61811}
The Bad Mother
Comedy-drama with Sarah Kapoor & Kristen Roderick 1h35m $avgme{31799}$votesme{31799}
Fight Valley
Action with Holly Holm & Miesha Tate 1h30m $avgme{61805}$votesme{61805}
Train To Busan
("Busanhaeng" in Korean) Horror/thriller with Yoo Gong & Dong-Seok Ma 1h58m $avgme{61852}$votesme{61852}
(Hindi) Dramatic thriller with Irrfan Khan & Jimmy Shergill 2h13m $avgme{61846}$votesme{61846}
Our Little Sister
("Umimachi Diary" in Japanese) Drama with Haruka Ayase & Masami Nagasawa 2h06m $avgme{24961}$votesme{24961}
Needhi Singh
(Punjabi) Action drama with Kulraj Randhawa & Ashish Duggal 2h00m $avgme{30311}$votesme{30311}
Highway 5
(English, Punjabi) Comedy-drama with Jasmine Kaur & Pramod Kumar 1h45m $avgme{61845}$votesme{61845}
Kabali - Telugu
("Kabali - Tamil" in Tamil) Criminal drama with Rajinikanth & Dinesh 2h32m $avgme{60375}$votesme{60375}
One Night Only
(Mandarin) Action drama with Lei Hao & Jack Kao 1h30m $avgme{61815}$votesme{61815}
For a Few Bullets
(Mandarin) Action comedy with Vivian Dawson & Kenny Lin 1h55m $avgme{61851}$votesme{61851}
Imagine You & Me
(Filipino, Tagalog) Romantic comedy with Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza 2h00m $avgme{61849}$votesme{61849}
(Filipino, Tagalog) Action drama with Ricky Davao & Christopher De Leon 1h35m $avgme{61848}$votesme{61848}




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