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    Orig. title: Pretendiendo (Spanish)2006 Chile 1:58 USA: R · sexualityRomantic comedy by Claudio DabedA sexy woman decides to find out what life is like for her less attractive sisters. Amanda (Barbara Mori) is a beautiful, intelligent, and talented woman who is trying to make a name for herself as an architect, but despite her seeming good fortune, Amanda is not happy with her life. Amanda's husband is chronically unfaithful to her, and her boss is by turns a bully and a weakling, and she begins to wonder if men disrespect her because of her good looks. Amanda puts this theory to the test when she leaves her husband and job behind and moves to a new town, where she takes the name Helene and disguises her face and figure with a padded suit, an ugly wig, dowdy makeup and crooked false teeth. Relying solely on her talent, Helene quickly gets a job at a small design firm whose boss Max (Jaime Azocar) is greatly impressed with her ideas for new buildings. One of Helene's new co-workers is Marcelo (Marcelo Mazarello), a shirt-chasing male chauvinist who initially pays no attention to the frumpy new employee. However, as they get to know one another, Marcelo finds he admires Helene's turn of mind and enjoys having a friendship with a woman for a change, though Amanda is appalled by his attitudes toward women -- so much that she hatches a plan to turn the tables on him by meeting him without her Helene disguise.
    Bárbara Mori
    Marcelo Mazzarello
    Amaya Forch
    Gonzalo Robles
    Rodrigo Muñoz
    Jaime Azócar
    Alejandro Cohen
    Paz Bascuñan
    Felipe Camiroaga
    Fernando Kliche
    Fernando Farías
    Ignacio Mansilla
    Claudia Vergara
    Cristian Martínez
    Claudio Dabed

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