Touch The Sky

Touch The Sky

2011. Documentary by Adrian Wills. Canada. 1h29m.
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Original title: Toucher le ciel (French)Spring 2009. Eccentric billionaire Guy Laliberté is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: blasting off into space. And though space travel generally entails a minimum of nine months' training, the founder of Cirque du Soleil wants to get ready in half that time. Getting fit, preparing for zero gravity, learning about the International Space Station, picking up basic Russian: Laliberté's journey from circus CEO to spaceman is recounted in Touch the Sky, an inside look at the profession of astronaut and the profound impact of venturing into the void. Largely set in the training camp, but also featuring footage shot by Laliberté himself aboard the Soyuz capsule, the film traces the evolution of space travel to the present day, with a look back at the '60s and the excitement generated by mankind's first forays into the cosmos. This feature documentary by Adrian Wills (director of the Grammy Award-winning All Together Now about the Cirque show LOVE ) also focuses on Laliberté, his family and his team. A fascinating account of the highly demanding learning process leading up to the September 2009 space mission, with a brief look at the worldwide concert organized by Laliberté's One Drop Foundation.
Guy Laliberté

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