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    2.9.2015 ·

    Stanko Pecek

    The movie is brutal and way over the top. Good for Owen to branch out of his comedy routine but I don't think this role was a good fit for him. The movie didn't seem realistic and it plays heavily on shock value. It is non stop action and extremely intense if you like that.

    6/10brezovcan@ - 60 reviews
    1.9.2015 - age: 36-49

    1.9.2015 ·

    Michael Tawton

    I saw Jesse Eisenberg in 'American Ultra' earlier this week and loved it. On that basis I went to 'End of the Tour' last night and was bored shirtless. His stiff and nervous performance left me feeling uncomfortable and the pretentious, pseudo intellectual dialogue, stilted and false. Clever juggling of release dates to take advantage of AU's success is a lame way to sell tickets.

    4/10michaelprops@ - 76 reviews
    29.8.2015 - age: 50+

    29.8.2015 ·

    Nancy Afif

    We and the people in the theatre laughed so hard at this movie. It was a real surprise for me. So funny and unpredictable. I havent heard that this is a reboot of an old movie before. But I am so happy I got to see it.

    10/10palomaarts@ - 56 reviews
    23.8.2015 - age: 36-49

    28.8.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    This is the best movie I've seen this year. Finally a movie that takes female coming of age seriously. It's not always flattering or beautiful, but real and painful as it is in real life. Everyone should see this film. I Loved it.

    10/10kakemoster@ - first review
    19.8.2015 - age: 26-35

    26.8.2015 ·

    Yvan Pilon

    First off this is no low budget affair; the action scenes are crisp and the cinematography is eye catching. I had never seen nor heard about the original series (except perhaps as a vague pop reference) My intuition tells me that Henry Cavill hits it dead on, right down to the speech pattern. Good chemistry between the leads. Only downfall was the unremarkable plot line/story.

    7/10rubix@ - 89 reviews
    24.8.2015 - age: 36-49

    25.8.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    Excellent flic with superb musical soundtrack. Depiction of NWA is gritty, real and compelling, especially in the backdrop of slayings of blacks by white cops.

    9/10jilljustleft@ - 612 reviews
    22.8.2015 - age: 26-35

    21.8.2015 ·

    Joann Roskoski

    Enough jaw dropping cliff hangers to keep you on the edge of your seat. Nice to see Kurt Russell back in action, even without a black eye patch. Even knowing stunts in skyscrapers were computer generated. They were still cool. Nice tribute to Paul Walker at end. Clearly he'll be missed by the Fast and Furious team.

    8/10jroskosk@ - first review
    20.8.2015 - age: 50+

    19.8.2015 ·

    Trevor Babey

    This movie is a first rate example of how to take a TV series and adapt it to the movies. They didn't try and modernize it, it take place in the 60's. They didn't put in the high tech and one chase scene after another as is in most of the James Bond movies. I hope this does well at the box office as I would love to see more of these films made. I am sure I have never given a film a "10" rating and very few a "9". best film I have seen this year.

    9/10a7a68909@ - 52 reviews
    15.8.2015 - age: 50+

    18.8.2015 ·

    Howard Wittenberg

    15.8.2015 ·

    Lietha Wards

    Terrible. The team just did not work for me. There was no depth of relationship between the four. Sue was the worst. She always looked so depressed, never smiled, and wth was with her hair? It stuck out all over the place, messy, and in one scene there were three inches of brown roots, then blonde white in the next. (Just goes to show how bored I was if I was noticing hair) Now considering the amount of time they spent devoted to the four key actors, you'd think the script would have had some sort of dynamics between them--but nothing, nadda. Then a five minute fight at the end that had NO meaning. I kept waiting, and hoping that something would spark in the movie, but it never did and I'm a big fan of Marvel. It takes a lot to disappoint me, but this managed.

    2/10lwards@ - 51 reviews
    9.8.2015 - age: 36-49

    14.8.2015 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    Well it's bout time we have a true to life story. If I had to choose one album on a desert island it would be Chronic 2001, Enjoy!

    10/10brandye.o@ - first review
    14.8.2015 - age: 50+

    11.8.2015 ·

    Lynn Jan

    This was a good movie and I enjoyed it. I suggest people don't read ANY reviews about it, other than if people liked it or not. Otherwise, even reading a line or two of what the movie is about, gives it away. The same courtesy should apply when you see it and talk about it with others. Simply state if you liked it. I recommend seeing it and am happy to have seen it before everyone gives away the story.

    7/10mslynnypooh@ - 64 reviews
    9.8.2015 - age: 50+

    10.8.2015 ·

    Pietro Antoni De Vita

    Having read Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert as an undergraduate is certainly a big bonus for this present Gemma Bovery. One must keep in mind that Madame Bovary is the quintessential supreme French novel of the 19th Century and perhaps of any French literary period. The story is well known, inside and out and it caused a scandal in its day with its then themes of female liberation. The light film becomes a comedic version of the Bovary story, beautifully smart and witty as its great source material. Enjoy the film as it is a smart one, but don't go expecting ludicrous action and ridiculous situations "à l'Américaine."

    7/10pad.operaphile@ - 2083 reviews
    6.8.2015 - age: 36-49

    8.8.2015 ·

    Marie-Claude Bellemare

    I didn't expect to love this. I went simply to kill time, but it turned out to be the best part of the night! I suspected funny adult laughs, but what surprised me was the level of maturity in the theme presented. Very refreshing. While not a masterpiece like Finding Nemo, it was still something you should not miss, even if you wait til it hits Netflix. Just watch it.

    8/10fryingoutloud@ - 24 reviews
    2.8.2015 - age: 36-49

    7.8.2015 ·

    Paul Lyons

    The plot and time-sequencing were ludicrously truncated, and the film almost self-parodically heavy-handed (seriously, the "great white hope"--again!) However, Gyllenhall shows his range in an earnest performance, and Whitaker, especially, does some of his more nuanced recent screen work with a role that in lesser hands would have been straight cliche. The film conveys well the atmosphere of the gym, the commitment the sport requires, and the punishment endured by fighters who neglect to work on their ring generalship and defense. It won't win the sport of boxing any new fans, and, well, for fight fans -- it's a Hollywood movie, and no worse than a number of the recent pay-per-views.

    6/10plyons@ - 7 reviews
    31.7.2015 - age: 50+

    5.8.2015 ·

    Daniel Piette

    Very good entertainment but not great, especially if you've seen all the previous ones in the series. The awesomeness I felt when I first saw Jurassic Park is no longer there. However, these mighty creatures look like real, more than ever before. The main female character kept her high heel shoes during all the running and the battles and, that bugged me. Come on! Still worth seeing on the big canvas. Not quite the same on your flat screen.

    7/10daniel@ - 7 reviews
    30.7.2015 - age: 50+

    4.8.2015 ·

    Rod Williamson

    The fact that the head of the IMF doesn't keep an inventory of the resources in box cars, boats and planes stuns me as it doesn't matter HOW DISAVOWED the IMF members get, they still come up with money passports and secret safe houses galore. That aside, this is definitely the best IM movie yet! The plot is well thought out, the cinematography executed brilliantly and the actions scenes place you right in the thick of all of the action. The slowly revealed true plot and mission is great and the inclusion of Alex Baldwin as the new Secretary will be a welcome addition as the team faces their next band of thugs and deviants. Truly and entertaining and captivating movie with great payoffs to the very end. No lags or flippant endings here! Good Stuff.

    8/10neopax@ - 47 reviews
    2.8.2015 - age: 50+

    1.8.2015 ·

    Ian Monahoyios

    Yet another great movie in the Marvel universe!!.. A must see before the next Captain America... And make sure to stay until the very end for the 2!! After credit scenes!!

    8/10libero_58@ - 114 reviews
    30.7.2015 - age: 26-35