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    O u r   H a p p y   W i n n e r s

    31.5.2016 ·


    On Feb. 18, 1952, a massive storm splits the SS Pendleton in two, trapping more than 30 sailors inside the tanker's sinking stern. Engineer Ray Sybert bravely takes charge to organize a strategy for his fellow survivors. As word of the disaster reaches the Coast Guard in Chatham. Beautifully done with such overwhelming circumstances that makes your heart and mind wonder. This dramatic thriller was indeed a true little miracle.

    8/10shazjoao@ - 2407 reviews
    28.5.2016 - age: 36-49

    28.5.2016 ·

    Daniel Chadwick-Shubat

    Stunning Cannes winner. Dheepan is the ultimate immigration tale and is one of the most triumphant movies of the year. A definite watch for all fans who love film and important subject matter.

    9/10kingjames0329@ - 132 reviews
    24.5.2016 - age: 13-17

    27.5.2016 ·

    Nadine Whitfield

    This movie reminded me of Mile's playing - totally spontaneous, cultured and raw - all at the same time. I would not call this a biopic. It is more like an intermission riff. If you want to learn about the life of Miles Davis, go read a book. If you want to catch a glimpse of his spirit and experience the passion and genius, go see this movie.

    9/10infomaven@ - first review
    22.5.2016 - age: 50+

    24.5.2016 ·

    Jo Morphett

    Great effects and well acted by the boy playing Mowgli. All of the animals were very well done (except perhaps Louie - I could do without the over acted voice and atonal version of I Wanna be Like You by Walken) The plot changes were appropriate and the ending for Mowgli was as it always should have been. Very enjoyable.

    8/10jjcanuck@ - 118 reviews
    22.5.2016 - age: 36-49

    21.5.2016 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    I'm still debating this movie with myself - I don't know what I would do in that situation. Movie filled with tension and tough questions. It should be compulsive viewing in schools followed by discussions.

    9/10dcosmob@ - 76 reviews
    17.5.2016 - age: 50+

    18.5.2016 ·

    Roberto Gasparini

    This movie is like all of us: complete, but also imperfect. Sometimes intriguing, and sometimes predictable. Human overall. The story is meaningful and sensitive, at the same it is tough and harsh. The main role actors did a very good job.

    8/10rgasparinijr@ - 61 reviews
    16.5.2016 - age: 36-49

    17.5.2016 ·

    Ray Torres

    Pretty impressed with the maturity of the storytelling in this movie. A storyline that doesn't treat the viewer like they are stupid or under the age of 12. Excellent action scenes and lots of twists. The Avengers are treated as flawed humans and the public violence is shown to sometimes result in the death of innocents. Long movie but doesn't drag.

    10/10niteray@ - 132 reviews
    14.5.2016 - age: 36-49

    14.5.2016 ·

    Name T.B.A.

    Wow! I've never been in La Habana - Cuba, but what you see in the movie is what I always hear about. "Viva" is a beautiful picture of a real life forgotten in time. L. A. Garcia as "Mama" is just fantastic and H. Medina as "Jesus" is great. But in my opinion the best is J. Perugorría playing Jesus father, he's just natural, very believable. I wish the translation was better, the movie has English subtitles and I feel there's a lot of missing from people who speak English. I was laughing so bad with the good jokes and emotional with the lyrics in the beautiful old fashion songs performance by the actors. "Viva" is one of those movie that you wish was more popular, lots of people need to see this kind of stories, they are really honest, humble and real. Very well done!

    9/10ca-espinoza@ - 127 reviews
    11.5.2016 - age: 36-49

    13.5.2016 ·


    Great, fun movie. I wonder how many people realized the storyline is basically repeated from the previous movies. Hopefully they branch out and write an original plot.

    9/10cruzerfl@ - 2 reviews
    12.5.2016 - age: 36-49

    11.5.2016 ·

    Michael Collins

    I could not really give this movie a rating higher than a 5. Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal is a fine actor and that shows even in this dreary vehicle. However I found overall the movie was tedious to watch. I was surprised to see the running time was only 1h:40m. It seemed much longer. The demolition theme was way over worked and for me actually became quite annoying.

    5/10comi2@ - 164 reviews
    9.5.2016 - age: 50+

    10.5.2016 ·

    Brandy Irish

    Not terrible, a couple of laughs. Poorly cast, only Key and Peel would cast Key and Peele (with 2 characters each at that.) Felt like a funny skit that went on for an hour too long. If you love kittens and George Michael tunes, MAYBE this is for you. Meh.