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    vladimir.d.milman@ wrote:

    This is a STUNNING film. An absolute masterpiece. Director's (Wim Wenders) work, DOP work, art department, locations, and, of course, most of all PINA and her DANCERS, which is the subject of the film. Pina Bausch's work of drama dance is on the same, if not higher, level as the masterpieces of another drama dance genius, Bob Fosse. Their approach is apparently very different. Bob Fosse "made" his dancers "by force", while Pina Bausch pulled genius of their dancers from themselves, which, I think, is better. Also, Bob Fosse was making "entertaining shows" turning them into highest art, while Pina Bausch was ONLY interested in highest art to start with - in human subject. That's, I think, a general unfortunate for North America typical difference between North American and European approaches.


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