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    phdinsmartassology@ wrote:

    OMG... Did I see Grindhouse? I went after being mercilessly pestered by a friend. I had no desire to see this movie, and I was in a pissy mood. Sometimes you should follow your gut, and sometimes your gut is a god damned opinionated moron! I LOVED this movie. I mean LOVED this movie. It was cheesy, grotesque, and horrifically violent which is everything I hate in a movie. The chemistry of this film was such that I was mesmerized, horrified, galvanized and completely squirming in my seat. There was no discernible reason for me to love this film so much. It was hilariously over the top and unapologetically sophomoric. It's the cinematic equivalent of a 13 year old boy. Death Proof was amazing... Yes there were long drawn out conversations and they felt vaguely voyeuristic but wait for it... The pay off is well worth the wait. I loved the overlay of male machismo over the pretty girl eye candy. AWESOME ending to the flick! BRAVO! I was sorely disappointed that I waited so long to see it at the show, I wanted to drag my friends in to see it and I missed the fun of watching THEM wallow in the delightfully degenerative experience.


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