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    keai_@ wrote:

    This was a great movie, I consider it to be the 3rd of the Terminator as the theatrical 3rd movie was crap I don't count it. It does help to know the first 2 movies to understand the significance of Kyle Reese and Skynet etc. It was funny how they managed to include the Guns n Roses song - the same one the young John Connor listens to in the 2nd Terminator. Also the Arnold Terminator look alike is pretty uncanny. Disappointing that Linda Hamilton didn't make a cameo in the movie tho. I could have done without the whole Helena-Bonham Carter character story line tho, wasn't the best way to start the movie. I had been waiting to see this movie for over a year since I first saw the trailer and it was well worht the wait... go see it!!!


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