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    minahrz@ wrote:

    The most poignant film I've seen in many years... perhaps since Aronofsky's the Wrestler... and certainly in the top 2 best Almodovar's in the last 10 years. (with Hable con Ella) I was sceptical about Banderas in the main role but was delighted with his delicate and sophisticated performance. The lead actress is unbelievable as well. The plot thickens smoothly and consistently throughout, very nice ascension to a monumental finale. Unbelievable story, breathtaking mix of reality inspired plastic surgery horror and sci-fi Frankensteinness with the usual Almodovar dark humour. I adored this film, please go see it if you ever were a fan of his, and especially if you were really disappointed with Volver. You'll be delighted.


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