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    julia-jewel@ wrote:

    I saw this movie on opening day, and I wasn't THAT impressed with it. I mean, it was okay, but the middle bits were so boring that I just about fell asleep in my chair. I appreciate the fact that it is a low budget film and so I'm not going to comment on the special effects, but I do want to say that the ending was quite great and effective; it left my heart racing and I was genuinely scared. As for the rest- pretty blah but not so bad that I needed to walk out of the theatre. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anybody wanting extreme action and thrill- even though they market it as a thriller, it really isn't and I don't treat it that way. It's okay for people who don't mind movies with slow-paced middles and little action, and if that's your thing I would recommend seeing it just because of the fact that it's a local movie and everyone should try and support BC's film industry. Danny Devito was a great catch for this movie, I don't think anybody else could have played the part, but overall I wasn't that impressed. If you want to see a boring movie, go ahead, but just don't expect the thrill that the trailer shows you until the VERY, VERY end.


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