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    The 13th Warrior is an epic about one man's journey into a new land, where he is exposed to a whole new aspect of humanity, living and culture, but also a fear of the unknown."The arab" (Banderas) is chosen by the king to be the 13th warrior to help fight the growing evil in the land of a Nordish King. Having no choice, heembarks on this adventure, and will soon have to face his darkest fears, and summon a courage that is deep within him to emerge victorious. I will not ruin the story by exposing this fear, however I do recommend you watch this movie if you are into the adventure/action/lord of the rings type movies. Antonio Banderas proves that he is a grade A actor, as he makes this movie memorable by a brilliant performance. I have watched this movie about 30 times (no jokes), and I still find it refreshing.


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