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    olivierstl@ wrote:

    This was an ok movie. It brings nothing new to the genre. An ex CIA agent is selling info, Denzel that is. There's a bunch of bad guys trying to get him. And then there's this goofy newbie amongst the CIA, some white dude with self-confidence issues. It's all "cat chasing the mouse" type of movie. The plot is HIGHLY predictable. It did entertain me but the movie was so bad I didn't care about the annoying teenagers sitting behind me nor the 2 drunken guys sitting in the front row for I didn't value I was missing any important parts. It's just another CIA flick but this one doesn't require you to have any grey matter to understand it. A very light movie, exactly the kind of movie that plays on tv and you just change channels because you just know there is something better to watch. Avoid.


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