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    psterl3384@ wrote:

    Thanks for your response. As I mentioned in my review every 3-D movie this year has been incredible to view. I suspect that many of the one-liner reviews are from many young people or many people who have not experienced 3-D movies. For simply viewing a 3-D movie in terms of its effects consider watching A Christmas Carol that may still be in theaters. IN yourt final comment you made what I think is the biggest flaw in the movie. Why couldn't they come up with a more peaceful conclusion and have this respect maintained? Why did these Na'vi have to resort to human methods to save their planet? That to me was a missed opportunity to make this a true classic movie. In the end the Na'vi became more like the humans and that to me was wrong. So my seven is simply following this site's guideline... a good movie worth seeing. I certainly won't buy it on DVD as its strength is mainly the 3-D effects. Have a good New Year.

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