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Forest Whitaker

Picture of Forest Whitaker In "Vantage Point"
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BornForest Steven Whitaker
July 15, 1961
Longview, TX, U.S.A.
Age53 years      

49 movies

Food Chains

Food Chains (2014)

Documentary by Sanjay Rawal


Repentance (2014)


Horror/thriller with Forest Whitaker & Mike Epps

Black Nativity

Black Nativity (2013)

G 1:33

Musical drama with Forest Whitaker & Angela Bassett

The Butler

The Butler (2013)

14A 2:12

Drama with Forest Whitaker & David Banner

The Last Stand

The Last Stand (2013)

18A 1:39

Action thriller with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Forest Whitaker

Out of the Furnace

Out of the Furnace (2013)

14A 1:56

Dramatic thriller with Christian Bale & Zoe Saldana


Pawn (2013)

() Thriller with Nikki Reed & Forest Whitaker

A Single Shot

A Single Shot (2013)

18A 1:56

Dramatic thriller with Sam Rockwell & William H. Macy

A Dark Truth

A Dark Truth (2012)


Action thriller with Kim Coates & Forest Whitaker

Ernest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine (2012)

G 1:20

(Eng. version) Animation with voices of Forest Whitaker & Mackenzie Foy


Freelancers (2012)


Criminal action with Robert De Niro & Forest Whitaker

Rising from Ashes

Rising from Ashes (2012)


Documentary by T.C. Johnstone

Catch .44

Catch .44 (2011)

Western with Malin Akerman & Reila Aphrodite

Serving Life

Serving Life (2011)


Documentary by Lisa R. Cohen

The Experiment

The Experiment (2010)


Dramatic thriller with Adrien Brody & Forest Whitaker

Our Family Wedding

Our Family Wedding (2010)

PG 1:42

Comedy with America Ferrera & Forest Whitaker

Repo Men

Repo Men (2010)

18A 1:51

Sci-fi thriller with Jude Law & Liev Schreiber

Powder Blue

Powder Blue (2009)


Drama with Jessica Biel & Eddie Redmayne

Toys in the Attic

Toys in the Attic (2009)


("Na pude aneb Kdo má dneska narozeniny?" in Czech) Animation with voices of Forest Whitaker & Joan Cusack

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

PG 1:41

Adventure drama with Forest Whitaker & Michelle Williams

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season (2008)

Drama with Forest Whitaker & Isaiah Washington

Street Kings

Street Kings (2008)

18A 1:49

Dramatic thriller with Keanu Reeves & Chris Evans

Vantage Point

Vantage Point (2008)

14A 1:30

Dramatic thriller with Dennis Quaid & Matthew Fox

The Air I Breathe

The Air I Breathe (2007)

Romantic drama with Kevin Bacon & Jon Bernthal

The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters (2007)

PG 2:05

Drama with Denzel Washington & Forest Whitaker

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect (2007)


Drama with Philippe Caland & Forest Whitaker

Even Money

Even Money (2006)

Drama with Kim Basinger & Danny DeVito

Everyone's Hero

Everyone's Hero (2006)

G 1:35

Animation with voices of William H. Macy & Rob Reiner

The Last King of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland (2006)

18A 2:01

Drama based on history with Simon McBurney & Gillian Anderson

The Marsh

The Marsh (2006)


Horror with Gabrielle Anwar & Justin Louis

American Gun

American Gun (2005)


Drama with Marcia Gay Harden & Forest Whitaker


Mary (2005)

Dramatic thriller with Juliette Binoche & Forest Whitaker

The Fourth Angel

The Fourth Angel (2002)


Drama, thriller with Jeremy Irons & Forest Whitaker

Green Dragon

Green Dragon (2002)

Drama with Patrick Swayze & Forest Whitaker

The Panic Room

The Panic Room (2002)

14A 1:51

Thriller with Jodie Foster & Kristen Stewart

Phone Booth

Phone Booth (2002)

14A 1:20

Drama, thriller with Colin Farrell & Kiefer Sutherland

The Shield - TV Series

The Shield - TV Series (2002)

Criminal drama with Michael Chiklis & Glenn Close

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth (2000)

PG 1:58

Science-fiction with John Travolta & Barry Pepper

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)


Crime, drama with Forest Whitaker & John Tormey

Light It Up

Light It Up (1999)


Drama with Usher Raymond & Forest Whitaker


Smoke (1995)


Comedy with Giancarlo Esposito & José Zúñiga


Species (1995)


Sci-fi thriller with Ben Kingsley & Michael Madsen

Ready To Wear

Ready To Wear (1994)


Comedy with Tim Robbins & Julia Roberts

The Crying Game

The Crying Game (1992)


Action, drama with Forest Whitaker & Stephen Rea


Bird (1988)


Drama with Forest Whitaker & Diane Venora


Bloodsport (1988)


Action with Jean-Claude Van Damme & Donald Gibb


Platoon (1986)


Action, drama with Tom Berenger & Willem Dafoe

Vision Quest

Vision Quest (1985)


Romantic drama with Matthew Modine & Linda Fiorentino

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