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Ray Liotta

Picture of Ray Liotta In "The Heartbreakers"
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BornDecember 18, 1955
Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Age58 years      

42 movies

Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry (2014)

Comedy with Sam Rockwell & Olivia Wilde

The Identical

The Identical (2014)


Drama with Seth Green & Ashley Judd

Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger (2014)

Dramatic thriller with Jeremy Renner & Rosemarie DeWitt

Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

G 1:48

Family comedy with Tom Hiddleston & Ty Burrell

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

18A 1:42

Action thriller with Jessica Alba & Powers Boothe

The Devil's in the Details

The Devil's in the Details (2013)

Thriller with Ray Liotta & Emilio Rivera


Pawn (2013)

() Thriller with Nikki Reed & Forest Whitaker

The Iceman

The Iceman (2012)

14A 1:43

Dramatic thriller with Chris Evans & Winona Ryder

Killing Them Softly

Killing Them Softly (2012)

18A 1:37

Thriller with Brad Pitt & James Gandolfini

The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

14A 2:20

Criminal drama with Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper


Yellow (2012)


Drama with Max Thieriot & Lucy Punch

The Details

The Details (2011)


Comedy with Elizabeth Banks & Tobey Maguire

The Son of No One

The Son of No One (2011)


Action thriller with Channing Tatum & Al Pacino


Wanderlust (2011)

14A 1:38

Comedy with Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd

Chasing 3000

Chasing 3000 (2010)

Sports, family with Ray Liotta & Rory Culkin

Crazy on the Outside

Crazy on the Outside (2010)


Comedy with Sigourney Weaver & Tim Allen

Date Night

Date Night (2010)

14A 1:28

Action comedy with Steve Carell & Tina Fey


Snowmen (2010)


Family with Bobby Coleman & Josh Flitter

Ticket Out

Ticket Out (2010)

Thriller with Ray Liotta & Alexandra Breckenridge

Crossing Over

Crossing Over (2009)

14A 2:20

Drama with Harrison Ford & Sean Penn

Observe and Report

Observe and Report (2009)

18A 1:46

Comedy with Seth Rogen & Anna Faris

Powder Blue

Powder Blue (2009)


Drama with Jessica Biel & Eddie Redmayne

Youth in Revolt

Youth in Revolt (2009)

14A 1:30

Drama with Michael Cera & Fred Willard

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2008)

PG 2:07

Action-adventure with Jason Statham & John Rhys-Davies

Battle in Seattle

Battle in Seattle (2007)


Action with Charlize Theron & Woody Harrelson

Smokin' Aces

Smokin' Aces (2007)

18A 1:49

Action comedy with Ben Affleck & Jason Bateman

Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs (2007)

PG 1:39

Comedy with John Travolta & Tim Allen

Even Money

Even Money (2006)

Drama with Kim Basinger & Danny DeVito

Local Color

Local Color (2006)


Drama with Armin Mueller-Stahl & Trevor Morgan


Revolver (2005)


Dramatic thriller with Jason Statham & Ray Liotta

Slow Burn

Slow Burn (2005)


Dramatic thriller with Ray Liotta & LL Cool J


Identity (2003)

18A 1:30

Thriller with John Cusack & Ray Liotta

John Q

John Q (2002)

14A 1:58

Drama, thriller with Denzel Washington & Robert Duvall


Narc (2002)

R 1:45

Drama, thriller with Dan Leis & Jason Patric


Blow (2001)

14A 2:04

Drama with Johnny Depp & Penélope Cruz


Hannibal (2001)

14A 2:11

Horror with Anthony Hopkins & Julianne Moore

The Heartbreakers

The Heartbreakers (2001)

14A 2:03

Comedy with Sigourney Weaver & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Muppets From Space

Muppets From Space (1999)


Comedy with Frank Oz & Steve Whitmire

Cop Land

Cop Land (1997)


Drama, thriller with Sylvester Stallone & Harvey Keitel


Goodfellas (1990)

18A 2:26

Crime, drama with Robert De Niro & Ray Liotta

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams (1989)


Fantasy drama with Kevin Costner & Amy Madigan

Something Wild

Something Wild (1986)


Romantic comedy with Jeff Daniels & Melanie Griffith

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