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Absolute Beginners

Total score  5.0


1986. 1h48m. Fantasy drama directed by Julien Temple.


ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS is a musical adaptation about fashion, love, and race relations in 1958 London, based on the book by Colin MacInnes. The music video style of Julien Temple is brought to the big screen with vibrant, decidedly 80's flair, and a soundtrack including Sade and David Bowie. Bowie himself appears in the movie as cool adman Vendice Partners, while Eddie O'Connell and Patsy Kensit star as a couple whose relationship is complicated by the temptation of money and career progress. Screened at Cannes in 1986 and largely overlooked at the box office, this portrait of London on the brink of musical revolution and cultural unrest has become a cult classic due to its stellar soundtrack.


Patsy KensitSuzette
Eddie O'ConnellColin
David BowieVendice Partners
James FoxHenley of Mayfair
Robbie ColtraneMario

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