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The Naked Gun 2½:
The Smell of Fear

Total score  10


1991. 1h25m. Action comedy directed by David Zucker.


Lt. Frank Drebbin returns to save the day once again. This time he's out to foil the "big boys" in the energy business. A top scientist (Dr Mainheimer) is about to publish his report on energy supply for the future. Things don't look good for the traditional suppliers; oil, coal and nuclear. To save their industries, the suppliers kidnap Mainheimer and replace him with a decoy with a more favourable report. Jane, the Dr's secretary, is Drebbin's old flame; they're passionate love affair is thus rekindled.


Leslie NielsenLt. Frank Drebin
Priscilla PresleyJane Spencer
George KennedyEd Hocken

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