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Hank Williams First Nation

Guide for parents: offensive language.
Run time1h32m
Directed byAaron James Sorensen
CompanyPeace Country Films


A remote Cree community takes on a certain charge when one of its own sets out on an ambitious (and somewhat loopy) adventure. Seventy-five-year-old Martin Fox (Jimmy Herman) decides abruptly one morning that before he dies he must visit the grave of his long time hero Hank Williams. With the support of his younger brother, Adelard Fox, (Gordon Tootoosis) Martin sets out for Tennessee on a Greyhound, accompanied by a 17 year-old nephew - sent along as a guide. As the two travelers gain human-interest-story-of-the-week status in the US press, the news trickling back home provides a unifying spark to the little community, and the variety of colourful characters that make it their home.


Gordon Tootoosis
Jimmy Herman
Stacy Da Silva
Colin Van Loon
Bernard Starlight
Stephanie Dixon
Gillian Carfra
Ron Waller
Edna Rain
Raymond Carafelle

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