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Snake Eyes

Total score  4.5


1998. 1h39m. Thriller, crime, action, mystery directed by Brian De Palma.


An Atlantic City police detective (Cage) attending a boxing match at a huge casino has to take over the building when the Secretary of Defense is assassinated. Assisted by an old friend who just happens to be the Secretary's security chief (Sinise), he has 15,000 possible witnesses, who don't appreciate being kept in the building, and there's something else... a hurricane is coming. The clock is ticking... can one man sniff out a killer out of a crowd of thousands?


Nicolas CageRick Santoro
Gary SiniseCommander Kevin Dunne
John HeardGilbert Powell
Carla GuginoJulia Costello
Kevin DunnLou Logan
Michael RispoliJimmy George
Luis GuzmánCyrus

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