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Run time1h37m
Directed byChad Archibald


Years after his college sweetheart Kate perishes in a devastating house fire, Josh Higgins, a failed screen writer living a banal existence, has seen his life spiral out of control. Tortured by the tragedy, and the corrosive relationship that he shares with his wife Meg, Josh soon finds himself subjected to frequent panic attacks and a rampant case of insomnia. it isn't until he takes a seemingly harmless prescription of sleeping pills from his family doctor, that Josh is thrust into a disturbing sequence of events that illuminate an unknown ability to reach out and touch the past while amplifying the delusions he fears he's falling victim to.


Ry Barrett
Emily Alatalo
Jennifer Polansky
Samuel Borstein
Gary Fischer
Patricia Ball
Peter Higginson
Paige Albrecht
Danny Bruzzi
Alison Campbell

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