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Our Happy Winners

24.3.2017 · Name T.B.A.

The little girl is badass, the villan makes the movie work, and it shows how James should be. Don't trust the 6 star reviews.

chuck.norris@@ 6.3.2017   reply - age: 50+   2 reviews

22.3.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Sorry but I am a fan of the angry bad-ass Logan! Was disappointing here, felt like more drama than action. Saw bits and pieces of " The Last of Us" game.

darkknight@@ 21.3.2017   reply - age: 26-35   59 reviews

21.3.2017 · Name T.B.A.

A bit too slow for my taste. Great "indie" movie, but definitely not as impressed as the hype built up. Some creepy parts, great acting, but overall I was a little bored waiting for the "punchline". Could've used a horror element instead of an underlying suspense. The time spent building the relationship interactions wasn't worth the screen time. Definitely a solid 7/10 film but not worth a second viewing.

takingstock@@ 21.3.2017   reply - age: 26-35   94 reviews

18.3.2017 · Benjamin Bauer

A superhero movie for our age. Set in the dystopian America of 2029 (Which, I hate to say, seems a fairly accurate forecast in the wake of a recent election) "Logan" is the hard-hitting character drama you always knew you wanted from a Wolverine movie but never believed a studio would greenlight. Jackman and Stewart are superb. It's a joy to seem them finally go all out with these two characters. Newcomer Dafne Keen might be the toughest on-screen kid since "Stranger Things"' Eleven. The film is also chockablock with Western references and stylistically feels more akin to the videogame "Last of Us" than any superhero movie I've seen. It's aces. Go see it.

benjibango@@ 15.3.2017   reply - age: 26-35   111 reviews

15.3.2017 · Nicole Schell

I loved the cinematography in this movie. The filming location is beautiful too. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the story-line was different from what I had thought. It was a little more like Jurassic Park than I had thought originally. It also seems like a lot of people are bashing Tom Hiddleston, but I really enjoyed his acting in this movie. It's an action movie, not a drama.

ilovemovies@@ 9.3.2017   reply - age: 26-35   80 reviews

14.3.2017 · Lisa Bourgeault

Great cast, the special effects were amazing but it was a little long in length. If it was shorter it would've been easier to stay focused but still very entertaining!

liser1227@@ 12.3.2017   reply - age: 26-35   108 reviews

11.3.2017 · Alexander Lum

KONG: SKULL ISLAND is mainly an action film with spectacular action sequences. But in addition to the mind-boggling CGI that’s very well integrated throughout the film, humour is intertwined through it to make it feel lighter and entertaining to watch. I immensely liked that film decided to go in that direction rather than the gloomy and depressing one. And it didn’t take itself too seriously, which allowed me to like it even better!


10.3.2017 · Name T.B.A.

We really enjoyed it. The setting featured several great characters including Batman, his adopted son, and the city mayor, who were rounded out with clever and amusing details. "Lobster thermadore"!


8.3.2017 · DAHLIA RAHMAN

Whether the story interests you or not, it doesn't matter, because James McAvoy gives a oscar performance in this one!! Creepy and comedic relief [[and a surprise for M. Night fans at the end of the movie!]] I'm upset that McAvoy wasn't considered for this year's Academy Award performances. Must see!

dee@@ 7.3.2017   reply - age: 26-35   65 reviews

3.3.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Superb movie a real tear jerker but with a happy ending. The acting of Sunny Pawar is heart touching. A must see movie more because it is a true story very well told.

mini.mehta@@ 25.2.2017   reply - age: 50+   1st review

1.3.2017 · Diane Peiffer

Really enjoyed this movie based on a true story. Visually stunning, and the acting was great. Would have liked a bit more of the Australian story told but that's the only negative thing I have to say.

peiffergreen@@ 5.3.2017   reply - age: 50+   113 reviews

28.2.2017 · Dino Tiberia

Has all the necessary ingredients of a Star Wars movie. My only complaint is that Adam Driver is not miscast as Kylo Ren, he's not scary, or fierce, and too much of a wuss. His character needed someone more believable as a "Darth Vader" replacement.

ditiberia@@ 22.2.2017   reply - age: 36-49   93 reviews

25.2.2017 · Béatrice Barault

Because of the bad review by critics' I went to see this movie without a lot of expectations. I was surprised in a good way. Love this movie. I was always interested in Chinese History. Good movie to see with kids around 10-12 years especially if they like adventure.


24.2.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Wonderful singing and dancing. Loved the freeway dance scene. Very enjoyable. Love to see these kinds of musicals again.


24.2.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Oscar worthy movie. I am so happy that it is recognized around the world and our Oscar pannel. Good job director.

lilian@@ 11.2.2017   reply - age: 50+   1st review

22.2.2017 · Arlene Zimmerman

Enjoyed this well-done movie in many ways. Unfortunately I find it seriously offensive that La La Land is winning awards over several movies that I think are way more deserving in terms of directing, content, acting, etc., and one of the main reasons seems to me to be racism and conservatism/narrowness. I paid three times to see Hidden Figures and the same for Queen of Katwe, and paid twice to see Moonlight, and I look forward to seeing them again and think often of their great aspects, but I don't need to see La La Land again and I don't think of this movie. I also loved Fences and Arrival much more than La La Land.

arlene@@ 16.2.2017   reply - age: 50+   64 reviews

18.2.2017 · Thomas Britton

Better than the original, more story. Not everyone cup of tea, but have not seen this much gun violence since John Woo HARD BOIL. One of the best action flicks in a while, if you enjoy action movies, I highly recommend it. Here hoping for chapter 3 .

t-.bird@@ 11.2.2017   reply - age: 50+   53 reviews

17.2.2017 · Tom Bauckham

I felt this movie was not so funny. It was about a washed up comedian in the vein of Lennie Bruce. If you liked Lennie you will like this movie. The language was thick with F bombs. I can tolerate a certain amount of foul language, but this one was over the top for me. At the end his young daughter picked up the theme and I became disgusted. In fact, although I generally like movies with Robert De Niro, I suggest you skip this one. I gave it a 5 because of De Niro. If he wasn't in it I would probably give it a 2.


15.2.2017 · Cal Albrecht

Everything I expected and then some. I knew from the first movie that this would be good, but I certainly didn't expect non stop killing, scrapping, shooting, and stabbing. Didn't like the ending so much, but this sequel kind of leaves the door open for another, kind of. I hope that they can pull it off without making it cheezy. If you liked the first one, chances are, you'll like this one too.


14.2.2017 · Ali Ferdosi

Farhadi's latest opus takes us around yet another character study about a couple and their very challenging situation. Sounds familiar? It's very well written with brilliant performances but feels flat and detached as a whole.


11.2.2017 · Mark Beaton

A big "small" film that does not leave you indifferent. It is the 360° tour of a man completely vacated to whom only guilt remains. Casey Affleck's acting is superb and flawless. If he is not awarded the Oscar, that will be the real drama. It is almost unbelievable that he is the other one's brother.

patrick.m@@ 9.2.2017   reply - age: 50+   106 reviews

10.2.2017 · Name T.B.A.

9.5 Excellent film very different story very entertaining. Great date movie, but also good for everyone.

swordfishjack@@ 3.2.2017   reply - age: 18-25   182 reviews

8.2.2017 · Kylie Aubie

Great story, great acting, but so drawn out! Great portrayal of a young boy left to fend for himself in India, and the psychological impact it left on him as a man. Wish it had kept my interest more, lots of slow parts.

bumpersmovies@@ 6.2.2017   reply - age: 26-35   85 reviews

7.2.2017 · Ashley Wareham

I dont often rate movies as a 10 but this movie earned it. Great character development. Outstanding acting, you can't go wrong with Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman and Kevin Bacon. There was so much more to this event that I was not aware of. Even though it was over 2 hours long, at no point did I start to think it was dragging on. It's a must see!

ashley@@ 3.2.2017   reply - age: 26-35   71 reviews

4.2.2017 · Stephanie Taylor

This is a sweet story and I loved the idea of a person coming up with a place to protect these unusual animals. We could use a little of that mentality in real life, taking care of the planet.


3.2.2017 · Tony Swinton

Best movie ever made. Important history you didn't receive in your history classes. No dry parts. No bad acting. Heartfelt, amazing, and perfect! And it's based on true events too. Winner, winner, winner! Worth your time and money. I would see it again, and again.

sonartech2@@ 18.1.2017   reply - age: 36-49   1st review

1.2.2017 · Virginia Lindsay

What a wonderful true story. All the actors were brilliant and I especially liked Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and the little boy. This story will pull at your heart strings and make you realize that anything is possible if you want it bad enough!!


1.2.2017 · Irene Anderson

One of the best movies I have seen. Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams perfectly cast. I enjoyed the pace of the story, the music and the scenery. The back and forth aspect of joining the past with the present was very well done. Although sad and depressing in parts it did have some very well placed moments of humor.


31.1.2017 · Karen Lett

Beside James McAvoy's terrific performance displaying different personalities, the movie was quite boring and not that scary. It's a disappointment as I was looking forward to see a good thriller.

karen@@ 30.1.2017   reply - age: 36-49   599 reviews

28.1.2017 · Faraz Ahmed

Give it a 10 if you compare this movie with Dilwale, Jab tak hai jan, Fan and Chennai Express. After a bunch of movies that left a bad taste SRK does Raees. I had very low expectation from this film. But it turned out to be a decent movie. Mahira Khan does a good job. Nawazuddin Siddique is just flawless; and SRK with his usual charisma and performance has made this movie worth its ticket. Story line is not unique, similar story line to Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Concept of a smuggler with a heart of gold. Typical Salim-Javed kind of script. Political and police attitude of prohibition was daringly well captured. Music was good, and the movie was not stretched with prolonged action and romance sequences. Overall good film.

fsa@@ 26.1.2017   reply - age: 26-35   128 reviews

27.1.2017 · Cindy Hayter

Take the time to watch this, it will make you think about a lot of things including your own relationships but the timing of this is hard to wrap your head around especially if you have been a fan of Carrie or Debbie.

cindy@@ 22.1.2017   reply - age: 36-49   1st review

25.1.2017 · Dan Sparks

Although I enjoyed this movie I was very surprised at the portrayal of the utter incompetence of both the FBI and the Boston Police Dept. I thought of it as more or less a documentary, sort of, that I could not put any faith in it factually. Surely no one could escape 30+ cops when completely surrounded.

bbt@@ 18.1.2017   reply - age: 50+   137 reviews

24.1.2017 · Shawn Cruickshank

Excellent account of a horrific disaster. Kate Hudson is lackluster as usual. Mark Wahlberg is capable and invincible as usual. Kurt Russell is excellent. The rest is what actually happened. Fantastic CGI. Well done. Terrifying.

shawn50@@ 22.1.2017   reply - age: 50+   238 reviews

21.1.2017 · Connor Webb

The Nice Guys is a great reincarnation of buddy cop movies (even though neither of the leads are cops) It has everything one would want out of a period piece like this (as long as they wanted it in the first place): satirical dialogue, situational humour, film noir elements and great chemistry between the leads.

chw@@ 18.1.2017   reply - age: 13-17   122 reviews

20.1.2017 · Robert Hackman

A disappointment when compared to the priors in this franchise. Felicity Jones does a fine job, but the clichéd plot leaves little room for character development for any actor. An overdone movie which only those who appreciate non stop action with weapons that never run out of bullets can enjoy.


18.1.2017 · Jason Dashney

If you like Underworld you'll be happy to see a new chapter. If you love story development and something thought provoking, don't get your hopes up. The characters aren't as good as in previous episodes, but 'ol Kate is still the same badass so it's worth watching, even if it's a bit flat. Guns, vampires, fights, pretty mansions. You know EXACTLY what you are getting before you walk in the door.