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26.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Finally, a picture that portrays the Armenian genocide. Although it did not portray the horrific atrocities that were committed by the Turks, it shows enough without going into the gory details. If this had not been hidden for so many years, as was "The Forty Days of Musa Daugh", perhaps Hitler would have been stopped in his tracks long before he committed the Holocaust.

olga.kalpakgian@@ 8.5.2017   reply age: 50+   1st review

24.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

I was surprised at how popular this movie still is. I went to a 4pm Saturday showing and the theater was packed. Not as much fun as the first but still very worth seeing in a theater. The graphics and special effects were first rate. Stay for the 5 after credit scenes.

niteray@@ 22.5.2017   reply age: 50+   150 reviews

23.5.2017 · Benoit Ménard

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce film que j'ai vu après avoir lu le roman, j'aime les histoires de sous-marins et cette intrigue, au summum de la guerre froide et de la technologie nucléaire est très bien livrée grâce surtout au jeu de messieurs Connery et Baldwin.

kaprikorne@@ 20.5.2017   reply age: 50+   1st review

20.5.2017 · Brandy Irish

Didn't measure up to the first GOTG but still a good movie. Cast, action, and effects were awesome. Comedy was often good but started to get a bit slap stick by the end. See it!

red@@ 17.5.2017   reply age: 36-49   214 reviews

19.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

I'm not in the habit of reviewing movies; however, I do go to the movies at least once per week. I just can't help myself regarding this movie... so, here are my opinion(s). My first review ever: This movie, "King Arthur", is absolutely brilliant! Magnificent: acting, script, score and cinematography!! Be sure to see it. You'll be glad you did. I saw it in 3D (due to show time of the movie) which I typically do not like... I think 3D usually slights a movie... but, here again, even the 3D effect on this movie was awesome.

cabin@@ 12.5.2017   reply age: 50+   1st review

17.5.2017 · Michael Collins

I went to see this movie because I am a big fan of the period piece genre. In that sense this movie does not disappoint. But 'slow moving' does not begin to describe the dreary, plodding pace at which this story unfolds. I fell asleep several times.

comi2@@ 13.5.2017   reply age: 50+   175 reviews

16.5.2017 · Denis Uhl

I saw this movie today and after reading the previous reviewers comments I had to think. Did I see the same movie? I'm not going to wax elequent, suffice to say, I thought it was well done. I don't go to a movie with the intent of looking for picayune errors. I go to be entertained, and with this film I was. Go see it.

denis@@ 15.5.2017   reply age: 50+   32 reviews

13.5.2017 · Virginia Chau

Totally fun and action-packed film by Guy Ritchie! Never have I seen scenes like some of those in this amazing film - incredibly creative and ground-breaking. It is worth every penny. Charlie Hunnam is an overnight global success.

ginnie@@ 12.5.2017   reply age: 36-49   64 reviews

12.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

This was produced for an audience that is uniformed on the subject. To those who say there isn't any new material in it. First off, you were not the target. Secondly, there was new footage. This film's purpose is to get the word out, to help "you" get the word out! The producers had to filter through thousands of hours of info and get it down to 1:45 minutes. I am very familiar with the subject and still enjoyed the movie. Great job!

alien.ambassador@@ 12.5.2017   reply age: 50+   1st review

10.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

I didn't give it a 10 bc unfortunately you'd have to compare it to the 1st... and the 1st is still unbeatable. Marvel has this way of making good sequels and this one is no exception: action packed, super funny with a cool plot. However it's sometimes trying to hard to mimic the 1st one, that's too bad. Still, it's a strong 9, great entertainment, lots of laugh, you're in for a fun chill night out. Go Marvel :-)

miss_michka@@ 8.5.2017   reply age: 26-35   27 reviews

9.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

The movie has been filmed with integrity and sympathy. You need a kleenex or two for this movie. On one hand is evil and on the other hand is tremendous courage.

nancy.hall@@ 7.5.2017   reply age: 50+   44 reviews

6.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

It's a film that is supremely timely: Trump in the White House, Black Lives Matter. As a critic put it: "its horror cut with more than a dash of comedy and sharp sociopolitical commentary. It's compelling, scary & will give you lots to talk about for days. And may even give you nightmares :) Really, not to be missed!!!

tamcho@@ 3.5.2017   reply age: 50+   50 reviews

3.5.2017 · Helena Huang

Wow this movie was spectacular. As someone who has only heard about Beauty and the Beast but never really finished watching the old 1991 movie ( I know Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan etc. but never watched Beauty and the Beast in full), I now finally know the story of Beauty and the Beast. The songs were brilliant, only complaint is that they were a little too loud my ears still hurt 5 hrs later lol... I guess maybe it has to due with sitting in the fourth row of the theatre. Music really keeps you on the edge of your seat. There were many funny moments as well. I would definitely recommend this movie to all Disney Princess fans. Emma Watson was the perfect Belle, she was even born in Paris, just like Belle and looks exactly like the animated Belle, wonder why her parents didn't name her Belle.

helena@@ 3.5.2017   reply age: 18-25   47 reviews

2.5.2017 · Name T.B.A.

It was a good movie and well acted by the cast. Jason Sudeikis was pretty stand out. The story was like an expensive Outer limits episode that is a bit childish but fun in a dark sort of way.

1bigkaboom@@ 30.4.2017   reply age: 50+   41 reviews

29.4.2017 · Name T.B.A.

This film is not just a schmooze for Jesus propaganda film. I went in ready to be preached at, but what I saw was much more humanly honest, self-critical and discerning than I expected. It was a refreshing surprise.

phl222@@ 28.4.2017   reply age: 50+   55 reviews

26.4.2017 · Jerry Tomljenovic

The story... true to form. The cinematography... OUTSTANDING. While based on the armenian genocide, it seems to place more emotional emphasis on the struggles of a love triangle. More emphasis could have been placed on evoking the emotional impact of this tragedy. Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan, Life is Beautiful, The Pianist...

firefighterlax@@ 26.4.2017   reply age: 36-49   38 reviews

25.4.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Very creative way to talk about religious concept without being a religious film. The storyline is touching and sweet. A movie about healing, forgiveness and love.

rgasparinijr@@ 24.4.2017   reply age: 36-49   80 reviews

22.4.2017 · Richard Rix

Loved this movie, well paced and beautifully acted. There are some inconsistencies in how the story is told (such as why the parents wanted precious letters to be read aloud to them only once); and maybe the ending is cheesy though forgivable.

cinnamonsticker@@ 21.4.2017   reply age: 50+   25 reviews

19.4.2017 · Gil Shapir

Movie was as expected per the other reviews - no surprises. It was interesting to follow the legal and mental struggle between letting a 'gifted' child to live normal life in opposed to skipping normal childhood and devote time to mathematics, for instance. The movie has got a definite answer about which approach wins. As for the actors: the child and the person who take care of her are outstanding.

gil.shapir@@ 19.4.2017   reply age: 50+   37 reviews

18.4.2017 · Name T.B.A.

By far the best film I have seen in a long time! Had not even heard about this film before but it immediately grabs you. The child (McKenna Grace) is sooo talented and an absolute natural! It was easy to believe that she and Chris Evans were father and daughter! Even my husband said this is one of the best films he has ever seen and he is usually not high in his praise with movies! You will not be disappointed!

kthorvaldson@@ 15.4.2017   reply age: 50+   8 reviews

15.4.2017 · Name T.B.A.

What are you expecting people?! "The fate of the furious" is a full pack of action, with scenes super very well choreographed. C. Theron is too good to be bad, she's brilliant, and even the biggest surprise of the movie, H. Mirren, is simply fantastic, funny and smart. And is true, J. Statham steals the movie, he seems just having fun. I am also surprised he never gets old lol! Overall the movie worth every minute, from the big opening in Cuba, to the massive moment in New York (wonder how this happened) All the special effects are right there just 1 click from you. Movie never feels long, but sometimes I asked myself: 'is this The Transformers or the last Fast and Furious series' hahahaha, kidding! Good movie, very entertaining and super fast.

ca-espinoza@@ 15.4.2017   reply age: 36-49   185 reviews

12.4.2017 · Sabrina Voerman

This movie added in almost every aspect of the cartoon that I grew up with, and every scene that mimiced the cartoon was done to perfection! The songs brought out the inner-child in me, the scenery was so perfect and accurate. Everything about this movie in relation to the cartoon was perfect, from casting to song, from setting and scenery to the littlest details. The only thing I did not like about this movie is the added songs; they added so little to the movie in terms of depth, only snippits of the Prince's life prior to becoming the Beast. The songs were forced and made me cringe.

sabrina@@ 9.4.2017   reply age: 18-25   41 reviews

11.4.2017 · Sharon Pachet

There were a few laugh out loud moments but, definitely not a suitable movie for very young children. Was ok but, nothing fantastic. I think the best moments were shown in the trailers!

s.p@@ 10.4.2017   reply age: 50+   63 reviews

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