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13 Months of Sunshine

Original lang.English / French
Run time1h38m
GenreRomantic drama
Directed byYehdego Abeselom


13 Months of Sunshine is the story of an Ethiopian man who marries a woman so she can get a green card and become a citizen of the United States. In exchange, her family pays him $20,000, enough to open up his own dream business--an authentic Ethiopian coffee house.

During the year-long naturalization process, they must learn to live with each other, finding that the marriage of convenience becomes complicated through love, jealousy, and the clash of cultural values each must face in following their dreams.

Hanna is a beautiful Ethiopian girl who is quickly drawn into the world of fashion. Meeting Morris Benton, a fashion agent specializing in Ethiopian models, Hanna learns that the world of modeling forces her to question her traditional values in the face of pressure to conform to American standards.

The call of coffee, of fashion, and the unspoken desires of each character all collide in a colorful, comedic, and heartwarming tale that speaks both to the immigrant spirit and to the American dream. As Solomon and Hanna draw closer together they discover that life is filled with things that complicate and confuse them, and they must decide what is important.


Sammy Amare
Tsion Fikreselassie
Salem Dawit
Aaron Arefe
Delaine Knight
Yehdego Abeselom
Mimi Asseffa
Marcos Belete
Tim Bragaw
Eskedar Demissie

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