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    German poster of the movie Innenkind
    Original titleInnenkind
    Original lang.German
    Run time1h15m
    Directed byThomas Lee
    Written byJonny Badurina, Thomas Lee


    Suzanna (29) is facing the ruins of her marriage. Her husband Rudolph is in despair, trying to cope with her extreme mood swings. During daytime she locks herself inside her apartment, at night she is wandering through the empty Berlin streets. Even with her family, Suzanna has no contact anymore. She is trying to cope with her situation and her traumatic experiences. In the mirror she sees a person she does not know -- herself. In a vicious circle of solitude and depression she finally turns to strangers to find remedy.


    Josephine Schmidt
    Maurice Engst
    Rainer Guldener
    Jens Kauffmann
    Carlo Kitzlinger
    Marc Benjamin Puch
    Alma Rehberg
    Friederike Wagner
    Guntbert Warns
    Nina-Florentine Zienau

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