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L'Empire Bossé

Total score  2.0


Original language: French.

2012. 1h34m. Comedy directed by Claude Desrosiers.


Bernard Bossé was one of Quebec's most powerful and influential businessmen. Starting out with nothing, he rose to the top of a huge financial empire. This film traces the ups and downs of his career, marked by moments of genius as well as hard times. The viewer is offered a first-hand look at his life, told in a web of storylines recounted through dramatic re-enactment, archival footage, testimonials. Through the decades, Bossé was involved in all the financial dealings and scandals that marked modern Quebec: the Olympic Stadium, privatization, lucrative government contracts, trade mission to China.


Guy A. LepageBernard Bossé
Claude LegaultJacques 'Coco' Lacasse
Gabriel ArcandAntoine de Carufel

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L'Empire Bossé photo
L'Empire Bossé photo
L'Empire Bossé photo
L'Empire Bossé photo

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