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Babar: King of the Elephants

Original lang.English / French
CountriesCanada, France, Germany
Run time1h20m
Directed byRaymond Jafelice
CompanyHome Box Office Home Video (HBO)Home Box Office Home Video (HBO)Home Box Office Home Video (HBO)


Born to a loving mother and enjoying a warm and happy childhood in the forest, young Babar's life is shattered when his mother is killed by a hunter. The lost and lonely orphan runs through the forest until he stumbles upon a city of humans - full of new sights, sounds and adventures. A kind elderly lady takes the little elephant in and there begins his education into the ways of humans. Though Babar grows quite fond of city life, he finds himself longing for his home in the forest, and so he sets out to return to his birthplace. It is through these hardships and adventures that Babar finds the strength to rise above his misfortunes.

Featuring Voices of

Philip Williams
Wayne Robson
Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Kristin Fairlie
Chris Wiggins
Jennifer Martini
Kyle Fairlie
Elizabeth Hanna
Paul Haddad
Dan Lett

Movie Poster

Poster of the movie Babar: King of the Elephants

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