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Zim and Co.

Original lang.French
Run time1h28m
Directed byPierre Jolivet


After a banal motorbike accident, twenty-year-old Zim must find a proper job if he wants to avoid prison. Zim isn't a lazy guy and he scans newspaper ads looking for a job. But the only one he finds, starting in ten days and that he must absolutely get, requires a car - and a driver's license. Of course, he doesn't have either. Fortunately Zim is good at inventing schemes. Even better, he's got a gang of great buddies - Cheb, Arthur and Safia - who are ready to do anything, or almost, to keep him out of jail.


Adrien Jolivet
Mhamed Arezki
Yannick Nasso
Naidra Ayadi
Nathalie Richard
Nicolas Marié
Maka Kotto
Abbes Zahmani
Jean-Philippe Vidal
Guilaine Londez

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