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Original lang.French
Run time1h32m
Directed byRichard Lavoie
CompanyK-Films Amérique


In many villages of the Gaspé, the North Shore and the Magdalen Islands, people are on the verge of losing the very soul of their villages: the wharf, a place of gathering, exchange and work. For these populations, living on the sea, a village without a wharf is like a house without a door. This is a collective emergency and time is passing. Quais-Blues bears witness to the indignation and struggle of many villagers and fishers to save their wharves, a combat of few but one that concerns the whole country. Let's not watch the disappearance of our maritime heritage through mere ignorance and indifference.

Poster & photos

Quais-Blues photo
Quais-Blues photo
Quais-Blues photo

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