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Dog Soldiers

Total score  7.7


2002. 1h45m. Horror directed by Neil Marshall.


Scotland. In an isolated glen, where only the occasional camper ventures, an inhumanly savage killer is loose. A couple in their tent are worse than slaughtered; their remains look like puree.

Four weeks later, a British Army platoon choppers into the same glen on a training exercise. No one's thrilled to be there -- they're soldiers, but they're also just guys in camouflage uniforms, and they're going to miss a championship soccer match tonight, out in these godforsaken woods.

They have no idea just how godforsaken.


Sean Pertwee
Kevin McKidd
Emma Cleasby
Liam Cunningham
Thomas Lockyer
Darren Morfitt
Chris Robson
Leslie Simpson
Tina Landini
Craig Conway

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