Saint John

Nenette and Boni


Original title: Nénette et Boni (French).

1996. 1h43m. Drama directed by Claire Denis.


Boni (Grégoire Colin) spends his days making pizza and salivating over the local baker's gorgeous wife (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi). But everything changes when he gets an unexpected visit from his teenage sister, Nenette (Alice Houri). Known for making trouble, the girl has run away from her boarding school. She wants to stay with Boni, and he eventually agrees. As the estranged pair reconnect, Boni gets some news that puts his life in perspective: his little sister is pregnant.


Grégoire ColinBoni
Alice HouriNénette
Valeria Bruni TedeschiLa boulangère · Baker's wife

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