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The Runaways

Guide for parents: Rated R in the USA, offensive language, sexuality.
Run time1h45m
GenreMusical drama
Directed byFloria Sigismondi
CompanyE1 Entertainment


A rough and tumble coming-of-age drama about the '70s teenage band the Runaways. Widely believed at the time to have been a novelty act formed by producer Kim Fowley, who thought the notion of five teenage girls dressed in leather and lingerie performing rock and roll music was highly marketable, the truth of the band's origin is actually that the individual parts that made up the whole, began with the most pure rock 'n' roll intentions.

Despite the apparent "jailbait on the run" gimmick pushed by their manager, the girls in the band were proficient at playing their instruments and wrote or co-wrote most of the band's material and, as later became obvious, were serious about their music.


Kristen StewartJoan Jett
Dakota FanningCherie Currie
Michael ShannonKim Fowley
Alia ShawkatRobin
Riley KeoughMarie Currie
Tatum O'NealCherie's Mom
Hannah MarksTammy
Keir O'DonnellRodney Bingenheimer

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The Runaways photo
The Runaways photo
The Runaways photo
The Runaways photo
The Runaways photo
The Runaways photo

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