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Corner Brook



Original language: Hindi.

2008. Romance directed by Anil Devgan.


This is the story of Sanjana for whom love is chaste and sacred. For her love is not part of live but life itself. This is the story of Shekhar who keeps falling for every girl he meets and loves to be in the perennial state of love not realising that soon he is going to meet a girl who'll change his very definition of love and life. This is the story of Rohit who will love so deeply, so fiercely that nobody and nothing will have the power to keep him away from his love. This is the story of a young girl who discovers herself at the crossroad of life where she has to choose between her perfect love and a perfect stranger.


Nakuul Mehta, Tanuja, Sanjay Mishra, Amita Pathak, Adhyayan Suman, Mukesh Tiwari

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