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Corner Brook

Morvern Callar

Total score  6.3


Original languages: English / Spanish.

2002. 1h37m. Drama directed by Lynne Ramsay.


A sensory odyssey packed into an intimate story of love, death, and theft, Lynne Ramsay's second feature stays close to its impossibly distant title character, played with a transfixing inscrutability by Samantha Morton. Passing off the work of her suicided boyfriend as her own, Morvern gets a book deal and a ticket out of gray Scotland to sunny seaside Spain for herself and her best friend (Kathleen McDermott). A film of mysterious gestures, a hieroglyph that begs to be decoded while withholding the key.


Samantha MortonMorvern Callar
Kathleen McDermottLanna

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Morvern Callar photo
Morvern Callar photo
Morvern Callar photo
Morvern Callar photo

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