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Original lang.Korean
CountrySouth Korea
Run time2h12m
GenreRomantic drama
Directed byChang-Dong Lee


Oasis miraculously approaches scandalous material with a superhuman charity and somehow dodges tastelessness. Employing a loose & grainy, vision of cramped urban coexistence, it details the highly unorthodox romance (it begins with an attempted rape) between a impulsive oddball and a young woman with cerebral palsy. A daring heartbreaker; few films have translated so clearly the secret language of love mostly lost on the rest of the planet.


Kyung-gu Sol, So-ri Moon, Nae-sang Ahn, Seung-wan Ryoo, Kwi-Jung Chu, Byung-ho Son, Ga-hyun Yun, Myung-shin Park, Kyung-geun Park

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