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Under the Hood: A Voyage into the World of Torture

Original titleSous la cagoule, un voyage au bout de la torture
Original lang.French
Run time1h47m
Directed byPatricio Henríquez
CompanyK-Films AmériqueK-Films AmériqueK-Films Amérique


On September 11, 2001, a new world order was born and the war against terrorism yielded an institutionalized violence that operates with impunity. "Under the Hood: A Voyage into the World of Torture" follows the lives of individuals who have been tortured illegally by democratic states. The film puts a human face on the little known suffering of the victims of this new barbarism. Referring to the institutionalized torture of the Spanish Inquisition and to the recent past when the United States was a frequent accomplice to torture, Patricio Henriquez calls on our vigilance. He warns that unless we start believing in our collective values, a new totalitarianism could be on the horizon, pushing humanity down a suicidal path.

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