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Speed 2: Cruise Control

Total score  6.4


1997. 2h01m. Action, thriller directed by Jan de Bont.
PG Guide for parents: Rated PG-13 in the USA, not recommended for young children, violence, offensive language.


Annie Porter (Bullock) can't seem to escape maniacal terrorists, as she discovers soon after boarding a posh luxury liner with her engagement-minded boyfriend, Alex. The bad news is that the disgruntled--and recently fired--mastermind behind the ship's electronic control systems wants revenge against the ship's management, so he sets the ship on a collision course with such deadly targets as an offshore oil tanker. The good news is that Alex has been training on the sly with an elite LAPD SWAT team, so the plucky pair resolves to save their fellow passengers.


Sandra BullockAnnie
Jason PatricOfficer Alex Shaw
Willem DafoeJohn Geiger
Glenn PlummerMaurice

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