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The High Cost of Living

Original lang.English / French
Run time1h32m
Directed byDeborah Chow
CompanyFilmoption International


Though they live in the same Montreal neighborhood, Nathalie Beauchamp (Isabelle Blais) and Henry Welles (Zach Braff) exist in completely different worlds. Eight months pregnant, Nathalie is anxiously preparing for the birth of her first child at her elegant and immaculate home. Henry casually weaves in and out of scruffy establishments, delivering illegal pharmaceuticals to his customers and pausing only to drink and dance with friends. Their lives fatefully collide one night in a car accident; Henry hits Nathalie and, in a panic, cuts and runs.

Beset by guilt, Henry sets out to find Nathalie and is relieved to discover she survived the accident. But he doesn't stop there and seeks out a chance meeting while concealing his involvement in the crash. When Nathalie shares the news that her child did not survive and that she must give birth to her stillborn daughter, it shakes Henry to the core.

Although married, Nathalie's wound-up, workaholic husband is unavailable and inattentive. Henry seems just the opposite -- caring, charming and fun -- and he easily slips into the role of her friend and confidant. As the police intensify their search for the hit-and-run driver, Henry's past misdeeds and the looming question of how he will tell her the truth begin to take centre stage.


Isabelle BlaisNathalie
Zach BraffHenry Welles
Patrick LabbéMichel

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The High Cost of Living photo
The High Cost of Living photo
The High Cost of Living photo
The High Cost of Living photo
The High Cost of Living photo

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